Whynter ARC-110WD Review

Whynter ARC-110WD ReviewAs we’ve said before, you can’t beat the efficiency and rapid cooling delivered by a dual hose portable air conditioner – and today we are going to examine one such model: the Whynter ARC-110WD. In addition to the dual hose design, this unit offers a great set of features and unusual energy efficiency to boot. Sound good?

Please read along as we take a much closer look at the ARC-110WD so you can determine whether it’s the right portable AC for your budget and cooling needs.

Key Features & Specifications

⇒Coverage Area & Power

The ARC-110WD produces a total of 11000 BTUs of cooling power, making it sufficient to cover rooms up to roughly 350 square feet under “typical” conditions. We say typical because if other factors are involved – i.e., if you’ve got vaulted ceilings and/or have a large picture window (worse if it’s south-facing), then your coverage area will be reduced significantly.

⇒Exhaust Hose(s)

Dual hose inlet/outlet as seen in rear view of unit.In case you don’t know, this is a dual hose portable air conditioner, which happens to be the most efficient design. While they are often more expensive than common single hose units, they have the benefit of not tapping your indoor air to cool off the machine’s internal moving parts. Further, because they use and exhaust outdoor air for cooling the unit, you don’t have to worry about creating a vacuum effect in the room you’re cooling, which can otherwise cause warm air outdoors to get sucked into your room to equalize the pressure. Basically, the dedicated cooling loop and lack of any negative air pressure associated with dual hose units means faster cooling and less strain (heat load) on the machine – in other words, greater overall efficiency (all other things being equal).

⇒Condensate Removal

Condenser water is a natural consequence of any compressor-based cooling system, and this water must be removed somehow. Rather than forcing you to collect and drain a pan manually, the ARC-110WD uses a self-evaporating system that works by blowing off this water into the exhaust air stream faster than it can accumulate.

Consequently, most users will never need to drain water from this machine. Of course, we say “most” because these auto-evaporating systems can sometimes be overwhelmed in particularly high humidity environments – in which case you may still have to drain some condensate from time to time.

The ARC-110WD uses digital thermostatic controls for user convenience and setpoint accuracy.⇒Size & Portability

There’s no escaping the bulk that generally comes with any portable air conditioner. However, the ARC-110WD is not excessively large by 11000 BTU standards, measuring 35″ high x 18.7″ wide and 19.5″ deep. The unit weighs 65 pounds, which is fairly typical for its class.

⇒Energy Efficiency

Considering how much portable units cost, and the expense to operate them, it pays to seek a highly-efficient model. The good news is that the ARC-110WD not only has the most efficient dual hose venting system, but also scores big on energy efficiency as characterized by its “EER.” EERs are simply a way to express the relationship between a model’s total BTUs and wattage. By dividing the former by the latter, you get the number of BTUs of cooling per watt of energy consumed. To give you some idea, most units run around an EER of 9.0, with more energy efficient options reaching a 10.0 or more.

Here, the ARC-110WD scores an *EER of 10.6* (11000 BTUs /1040W). This is a very good score, much better than most other units in its class in fact. Consequently, this great EER combined with the dual hose exhaust spells big savings as far as the operating expense of this portable AC!

⇒Other Features

  • 81 pints/day dehumidifier function;
  • 4 fan speeds;
  • 24-hour programmable timer;
  • washable air filter with carbon media;
  • full function remote control;
  • easy install window kit;rolling casters for mobility.

User Reviews & Ratings

With a nearly 4 out of 5-star average satisfaction rating, the Whynter ARC-110WD has a great track record of performance and reliability. But don’t take our word for it – below are the actual reviews for this model courtesy of amazon.com:

Price and Value

While dual hose portable air conditioners typically cost more than their single hose counterparts, we are delighted to see the ARC-110WD currently selling for roughly $380 shipped – which is comparable to the average single-hose portable air conditioner in this BTU class. This makes it an outstanding buy, and one that is likely to continue saving you money in the form of energy savings over the life of the unit.

Concluding Thoughts

The only problem with dual hose portable air conditioners is that they typically come with a steep price tag. And while paying a premium is often justified (when you consider the greater savings on energy bills over time), the good news here is that the Whynter ARC-110WD is about as inexpensive as most other 11000 BTU portable air conditioners – including those that have a less-optimal single hose exhaust configuration. Accordingly, this model gives you all of the added efficiencies of the dual hose design and an outstanding 10.6 EER – all for what you’d ordinarily pay for a much less efficient machine.

We call that a no-brainer great deal in our book!