Whynter ARC-10WB Review

Whynter ARC-10WB ReviewA 10000 BTU portable air conditioner provides good cooling power for most smaller rooms in the home or office while taking up a bit less space than their larger counterparts. Among the units in this BTU range worth considering is the Whynter ARC-10WB. However, this model has some serious shortcomings that you should be aware of. Please read on for more information and our candid thoughts on this model.

Cooling Power

The Whynter ARC-10WB is a 10000 BTU portable air conditioner that has a coverage area of roughly 300 feet. Keep in mind, however, that this figure can shrink significantly if you are cooling a space with any one or more of the following characteristics:  high ceilings, many and/or large windows, a sunny exposure, poor or no insulation, heat-producing equipment (e.g., computer servers, cooking appliances, etc.).


Whynter ARC-10WB exhuast hoseExhaust Hose Design

The ARC-10WB is equipped with one exhaust hose. Single hose exhausts are actually simpler to vent and look less bulky around windows; moreover, they tend to be a bit less expensive than dual hose systems as well. However, single hose portable ACs are inherently somewhat less efficient, as they use indoor air to cool off the system, which when vented outdoors creates a very weak negative room pressure that encourages outdoor air to seep into the room around cracks/gaps/joints, thereby adding extra heat load.

Condensate Drain System

As with most of the modern portable air conditioners we see, this one is equipped with what’s called auto-evaporating or self-evaporating technology. These systems work by dripping condensate onto the evaporator coils over which air is blown. In areas that are not very humid, this results in two things – increased cooling (via evaporation) and the condensate dries off faster than it builds up, so in theory you should not need to manually drain these units. But, in some cases where very high humidity is present, condensate can still accumulate. For this reason we always encourage people to check for water build up regardless!

Size & Portability

At 28 inches high, 17 inches wide and 14 inches deep, the ARC-10WB is definitely on the compact side relative to other 10000 BTU portables. Nevertheless, at a weight of 64 pounds, it’s not particularly light and a bit heavy for a unit in its spec range.  Move it around carefully!

Whynter ARC-10WB side view

Noise Levels

This model is reported to produce 54 decibels, making the Whynter ARC-10WB very typical in terms of sound levels. Indeed, nearly 99 percent of the newer portables come in at between 50-56 dB, but people vary tremendously in their sensitivity to noise. If you are one of the more sensitive types, then probably almost any portable AC will sound loud to you.

Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency Ratios (or “EERs”) are derived by dividing BTUs by wattage. EERs for most portable ACs vary between 8.5 and 10.8, with the higher numbers being much better, since they mean that the unit has more cooling power for each watt of energy consumed. In general, we like to see models at least approaching 10.0 – of course the higher the better. Further, we are always particularly concerned with EERs when evaluating single hose models, since they are inherently a bit less efficient due to their exhaust design.

In this case, the Whynter ARC-10WB scores a very lackluster EER of 8.54, which frankly disappoints us. This poor EER plus the single hose design makes this a relatively inefficient portable air conditioner in our estimation.

Other Features

  • Whynter ARC-10WB control panel55-pint/day dehumidifier
  • washable air filter anti-microbial lining
  • remote control
  • auto restart
  • digital thermostat
  • digital display
  • 24 hour programmable timer
  • window kit
  • sleep setting
  • 4 fan speeds
  • adjustable louvers
  • rolling casters

Price & Value

At the time of this writing, the Whynter ARC-10WB is selling for about $400. While this not a terribly high price for a good 10000 BTU air conditioner, for this particular unit, we think that it’s a bit too stiff. To compare this model’s basic specs and current pricing with other models, check out our Portable Air Conditioner Comparison Guide.

Whynter ARC-10WB Reviews & Ratings

So far, the Whynter ARC-10WB has an average satisfaction rating of 3.8 out of 5 stars based on 12 reviews on amazon.com. Here are some excerpts from these actual reviews that we think illustrate the feelings of these reviewers overall:

  • Whynter ARC-10WB Reviews“it takes up substantially less space than the two standing fans I had been using to beat the heat before the Whynter arrived.”
  • “Freezes any room in a matter of minutes. It is heavy though….”
  • It is loud, but, show me an AC that isn’t. The sound mostly goes away when I wear headphones or turn up my speakers….”
  • “The dehumidifier works great and cuts off automatically when the bucket is full. No venting or drain hookups needed.”

Overall, users were very impressed with this unit’s small footprint, good cooling and dehumidifier/auto-evaporation function. And as you can see, there were some complaints about noise levels and the unit’s heavy weight, but this is very typical with almost every model we see, to some degree. The truly negative reviews of this product were generally limited to product defects/return issues, rather than performance.

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Pros & Cons


  • Compact design
  • Cools reasonably well
  • Well-rated


  • Single hose system is less efficient than dual hose
  • Low EER compounds single hose ineffeciencies
  • Heavy for a 10000 BTU portable
  • A bit pricey for its features and specifications

Whynter ARC-10WBConcluding Thoughts & Opinions

We like Whynter air conditioners, and there’s little question that the Whynter ARC-10WB is relatively compact and can get the job done if you need to cool a room up to about 300 square feet. Nevertheless, this model is just too inefficient in our view, especially given its price. It’s not so much a matter of how fast this model can cool, but how much extra it will cost to operate over the long run, which effectively increases its purchase price.

In our opinion, for a much more efficient and more highly-rated option in the 10000 BTU range, we’d suggest you consider the Honeywell MN10CESWW, or, if you are very concerned about size and want something particularly compact, the EdgeStar AP100002BL.

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