Weber Summit S-470 Review

Weber Summit S-470 ReviewPurchases made to last and perform for decades should be evaluated differently than comparatively short-lived items, like many home appliances and electronic items made to last a few years and then fail or become useless due to obsolescence.  That is why the aptly-named Weber “Summit” S-470 is such a wonderful buy, despite it’s very stiff price tag just shy of $2,000.  This grilling/cooking/smoking/rotisserie system is truly the pinnacle of high-quality outdoor cooking systems, and we are very confident that anyone who is fortunate to own one will agree.  Please read on for much more information about this grill and what people who took the “plunge” think about it.

Weber Summit S-470 Specifications

Grill Capacity:  the S-470 comes with 468 square inches of primary grilling space and 112 square inches’ worth of warming area for a grand total of 580 square inches of cooking surface area.  If you’re concerned whether this is enough for the next backyard bash, rest assured that this is reportedly sufficient to cook up 29 burgers simultaneously.

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Cookbox:  as usual, Weber’s cookbox is high-quality and composed of durable cast aluminum.  In it you’ll find (4) 48,800 BTU/hour stainless steel burners, huge 9 mm stainless steel rod cooking grates, stainless steel flavorizer bars, and a sophisticated grease management system that uses a strategically-positioned grease tray/catch pan along with the flavorizer bars to vaporize and get the most out of meat drippings. Notably, each burner is equipped with an individual Piezo burner ignition system and infinite control valves.  The S-470 can be used with both liquid propane and natural gas.

Weber Summit S-470 - Rotisserie BurnerAdditional Cooking Equipment:   beyond the main 4-burner system the S-470 comes with a side burner (12,000 BTU), a sear station burner (10,600 BTUs), a smoker burner (6,800 BTUs), and tuck-away infrared rotisserie burner (10,600 BTUs) that is powered by a flip-up motor and comes with a specialized spit.  These are extremely nice additions to the main grilling system that make the S-470 a serious one-machine ultimate cooking system.  And while all this may not be necessary for many users, even if you occasionally take advantage of these features, we are fairly certain you will not want to give up them up.

Weber Summit S-470 - Searing StationConstruction:  this grill is built with longevity in mind.  It uses a smooth-opening stainless steel shroud with center-mounted thermometer, and is fitted with (2) stainless steel side tables. The enclosed cart and LP storage cabinet is beautifully-constructed.  The unit’s frame is composed primarily of painted steel.

Other Features:  there are many other bells and whistles with this grill.  Among them are Grill Out lights for nighttime cooking, six tool hooks for quick access to utensils,  heavy-duty front/back casters; handle lights, lighted control knobs; and a very cool LED fuel measurement system.

Size/Dimensions:  pardon any offense here, but this is definitely a “man’s” grill; it measures 30 inches long by 66 inches wide by 57 inches high and is a strapping 245 pounds.  Good thing someone invented rolling casters!

Warranty:  the S-470 comes with an industry-leading five-year limited warranty.

Assembly:  almost none – the unit comes nearly completely assembled, save a few screws that need installation here and there.

Weber Summit S-470 Reviews & Ratings

Weber Summit S-470 ReviewsThe Summit S-470 is definitely one of the most highly-rated grills on the market.  To date, it holds an average user satisfaction rating of 4.7 (out of 5) stars on based on 23 reviews.  This is an outstanding approval rating from any perspective.  But what are people saying about this model, and what if any are the downsides to this grill?

To say that nearly every reviewer fell in love with this grill is no overstatement.  First and foremost, users appreciated the overall high-quality construction.  As one user put it, “I am extremely impressed with the quality of stainless steel cabinet. Everything about this grill is top quality from the drip pan to the tank measurement system.”  Others stated the same feeling more simply, “This grill is ridiculously awesome.  Its worth the extra you pay for the Summit.”  In terms of performance, users found this grill to heat up quickly and get very hot – perfect for searing meats.  They also commented how much they loved the extra burners, particular the infrared rotisserie system; for example, one happy customer testified:  “My favorite feature is the infrared rotisserie. Meats and poultry come out golden and free of excess fat that just drips away during cooking.”

As you can imagine with near perfect 5-star ratings, it was difficult for find negative comments.  However, the negative remarks that we did come across focused mainly on the vented cart design, which will allow water to infiltrate the grill if left uncovered during heavy rains.  We are frankly puzzled by how often we hear of this so-called “design flaw.”  The vents are there for a reason and the issue of rain water accumulation can be easily fixed – use a cover!  It makes little sense buying a nearly $2,000 grill and not taking such a simple, inexpensive precaution.  Beyond this issue, one user felt that the heat control knobs felt a bit “plastic” for such an expensive grill.

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Weber Summit S-470 Gas GrillPrice and Value

Currently on sale for around $1,800, this is an expensive grill.  However, if you are looking for an all-purpose grilling, smoking, and rotisserie system that is built to last for decades; is beautifully-made; offers professional grill-master performance; and is backed by one of the most reputable US companies there is; the Weber Summit S-470 is actually fairly priced.  Indeed, the sheer number of jobs you can take on with this grill will keep you happily occupied for years – and your family and friends will be perpetually indebted to you as well. If you want this level of quality but cannot afford all of the extra features, we suggest you take a look at the smaller and more basic, but still outstanding Weber Genesis S-310, which can be had for less than $900.

Concluding Thoughts & Opinions

Buy the Weber Summit S-470If your main concern is quality, performance and longevity, the Summit S-470 is worth every penny.  In fact, when you consider just how long you will have this grill, it’s significant up front cost really becomes less of an issue.  And when you add to that Weber’s legendary customer support and generosity in addressing various concerns, this very “expensive” grill really becomes a great value.  There are many people still grilling on their 30 year old Webers today – we doubt any of these users regret how much they paid for their grill.  Nevertheless, we do realize that budgets can be limiting, and if you have your heart set on stainless steel, the Genesis S-310 is a nice compromise.  But, having said all that, we will conclude with the wise words of one user who said: “it you can afford this grill and are looking for the best grill on the market for this kind of money – DO IT!

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