Weber Genesis S-310 Review

Weber Genesis S-310 ReviewThere’s no question that stainless steel gas grills are unmatched in terms of durability, ease of maintenance and sheer good looks.  But they tend to be cost-prohibitive compared to standard versions.  Well, we are please to review today what we consider to be one of the best stainless steel grills – the Weber Genesis 6550001 S-310.  And while it’s not “inexpensive” by any means, it’s priced right and will last for decades with minimal attention.  In fact, you may agree with many users who believe it’s the “best grill” they’ve ever owned.  For much more information about this model and what others are saying about it, please keep reading.

Weber Genesis S-310 Specifications

Capacity:  the S-310 has a cooking surface of 507 square-inches in addition to a warming area that’s 130-square inches in size, for a combined total of  637 square inches of total grilling area.  This is enough space to grill up food sufficient to feed a very large, hungry family and/or a  sizable group of friends.

Weber Genesis S-310 - Aluminum/Steel CookboxCookbox:  at the heart of this grill is it’s ultra-durable and efficient cast-aluminum cookbox, which encloses three 38,000 BTUs stainless steel burners, stainless steel flavorizer bars, stainless steel burner tubes, and  7-milimeter diameter stainless steel grates for outstanding heat retention, strength and easy maintenance. In addition, each burner is fit with an independent electronic ignition system for maximum control.  Further, due to optimal burner placement, heat is distributed uniformly across the cooking area and can be manipulated with infinite control valves so you can cook your food precisely to your liking.  Also important is that the heat generated in the cookbox is better retained in the cookbox where it belongs, thanks to porcelain-enameled heat deflectors and a super-strong and virtually maintenance-free stainless steel grill shroud that includes a reliable grill thermometer.

Weber Genesis S-310 Review - High Quality ConstructionConstruction:  the S-310 is a beautiful, modern-looking grill – built like a tank.  Composed of cast aluminum and using stainless steel/painted steel for the shroud, handles, both working surfaces, cabinet doors and frame, you can bet that this will be the last grill you’ll need for a very, very long time.  The S-310 is also designed with nice convenience features, like six tool hooks, secure LP stank storage area, strong working side tables, and (4) strong rolling casters (two front-locking and two back swivel-type).

Size /Dimensions:  although not a small grill by any means, the S-310 is relatively compact for the cooking area it provides, measuring 30 inches long by 60 inches wide by 64.5 inches high.  As you might expect with all of this steel, however, it’s fairly heavy weighing in at more than 170 pounds.

Warranty:  each grill is backed by a 5-year limited warranty.

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Weber Genesis S-310 Reviews & Ratings

Weber Genesis S-310 ReviewsThis is one of the most popular gas grills available, as reflected by it’s outstanding current user satisfaction rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars on, which is based on a solid track record of 51 user reviews in total.  Users absolutely raved about this grill. Specifically, they commented on it’s beautiful steel finish and very heavy, durable construction.  Many others noted how quickly it heated up and how evenly heat was distributed among the burners.  Not surprisingly, numerous reviewers gave the S-310 the title of the “best grill” they’d ever owned.  And while users admitted that the price of this grill was a bit steep relative to other options, they agreed that the greater durability, easier maintenance, and overall better looks of the stainless steel was well worth the extra cost – one reviewer expressed joy at having this grill for the next “20 years.”

Also mentioned often was how straightforward assembling this grill was.  Most users indicated that it could be done withing a few hours of cracking open the box with Weber’s picture-based instruction manual.

Although very few, some of the less positive remarks in the reviews were directed to design features.  For example, one reviewer stated that vent slots in the cabinet collected water during rain events (although admitted that a simple cover could remedy this), and another suggested that more burner tubes should have been added.  A couple others thought that more of the grill parts should have been made of stainless versus painted steel.

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Weber Genesis S-310 - Great ValuePrice and Value

Currently on sale for about $850, we think the Weber Genesis S-310 is one of the best value stainless steel grills you can get. In fact, when you compare it to other similarly-rated Weber models that use a traditional finish, you are really only paying around $100-$200 more for this stainless steel model, which will last much longer, is far easier to clean, and far more attractive than the standard Weber models.

Concluding Thoughts & Opinions

Buy the Weber Genesis S-310 For our money, we think the Weber Genesis S-310 is one of the most affordable, high-quality stainless steel gas grills you’re going to find. Indeed, for it’s capacity, features and overall first-rate construction, it’s a clear standout in terms of value among other similarly rated premium steel grilling systems.

And we also like that it’s made by Weber, a familiar and trusted US manufacturer that stands by their products and provides excellent customer service.  However, with a grill of this caliber, you most likely won’t need to call on them!

In sum, the S-310 easily gets a 5-star ratings from us based on build, performance and overall value.

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