Vitamix 5200 Super Package Review

Vitamix 5200 Super Package ReviewThe Vitamix 5200 standing alone is an outstanding tool that can blend, chop, mix, crush, and process almost any edible item you can think of.  However, the 5200 “Super Package” takes this power and quality to the next level with its application to whole dry grains by including a special jar and “dry blade” that can do so much more, including processing grains into flour, preparing whole wheat dough, and making your own spices, cereals, and other concoctions.  Please read on for much more information about this package and what others are saying about it.

Vitamix 5200 Super Package Specifications

The 5200 “super package” most importantly includes the Vitamix 5200 – Vitamix’s legendary and extremely high-quality all purpose blending powerhouse.  The 5200 features Vitamix’s unique 11.5 amp, 2-horsepower motor and smooth ball-bearing assisted drive system that can attain rotational speeds of 240 miles per hour and therefore deliver tremendous power to any job. Further, you can easily control this power with simple acceleration controls that are intuitively designed.

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The 5200 is equipped with the standard, virtually unbreakable 64-ounce BPA-free Triton jar that is coupled with 3-inch stainless steel “laser-cut” blades that can handle pretty much anything you can throw at them.  However the “Super Package” also includes a similarly-constructed 32-ounce “Dry Grain” jar that uses a special dry blade.  This dry blade is much different than the all-purpose wet-type included with the 5200, and is designed precisely to process dry grains quickly and very effectively.  Although much of this can be done with the standard blade, the dry blade is much better at making fine flour, prepping dough, grinding down spices, and a variety of other jobs that use dry material.

In addition, this package deal includes whole grains and whole foods cookbooks, spatulas, two tampers (standard and mini), and instructional DVD to help you get the most out of your Vitamix and its whole foods/grains processing capabilities.

Vitamix 5200 Super Package Reviews

Vitamix 5200 Super Package ReviewsAs is typical with Vitamx blenders generally, user reviews for the 5200 Super Package are nothing short of stellar.  Currently, this package is holding an average user satisfaction rating of 4.9 out of 5 stars on based on 13 reviews.  Users were virtually all floored by the 5200’s power and ability to render virtually any kind of fruit, vegetable, grain or other food to the desired consistency. They also particularly appreciated this blender’s capacity for making dough, ice-cream, sorbet, smoothies and even almond milks without so much as a hitch. In fact, the only reason why this blender does not have a perfect 5-star rating is due to one 4-star review, in which the reviewer stated that she would have preferred some smaller cups thrown in, and a removable jar blade.

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Price and Value

If you’ve taken even a casual look at price for the Vitamix 5200, you will quickly realize that the Super Package is just that – super!  For not much more than the price of the 5200 bought separately, this package (selling for roughly $595 at the time of this writing) gives you some useful accessories and – most importantly – the dry grain mixing jar and blade that can get you started processing grains and making your own flour within minutes of cracking open the box.  Keep in mind that the dry grain jar/blade by itself would normally cost you roughly $150 as an optional accessory.

Consequently, if the thought of processing grains is at all attractive to you, it makes little sense not to get this package with the extra jar/blade included.

Concluding Thoughts & Opinions

For those people who seek a high-performance blender and the whole food lifestyle that tends to go with it, the Vitamix 5200 Super Package is an easy choice.  Not only do you get the 5200, which has gained a legendary following for its power, reliability and performance, but you also get the dry grain jar and blade set, which would cost you significantly more if purchased separately. This dry grain handling capacity opens the door even wider to healthy living and gives you options for making doughs, drinks and whole grain flour that is otherwise only possible in a commercial setting.  An all around 5-star deal in our humble opinion!

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