Vitamix 5028 BarBoss Review

Vitamix 5028 BarBoss ReviewAre you an actual or aspiring professional bartender?  Or do you merely want to make blended drinks, smoothies and a myriad of other beverage concoctions with the same quality and efficiency as a professional bartender?  If you said yes in either case, then the Vitamix 5028 “BarBoss” is the blender of choice.  However, let’s see what makes it so good at whipping up 5-star margaritas and impossibly smooth smoothies.  Read on for more information and our concluding thoughts and opinions.

Vitamix 5028 BarBoss Specifications

The Vitamix 5028 BarBoss is not a general purpose blender but is instead designed specifically to make the highest quality frozen/blending drinks, smoothies, shakes, coffees, teas, and other blended savories.  Of course, it’s no less powerful than other Vitamix models. It uses the standard standard 2+ horsepower, 11.5 amp motor; however, this powerplant is coupled with an ice blade, which when rotated up to 37,000 RPM converts any frozen drink, shake, malt, coffee beverage, or virtually anything else into into a silky-smooth consistency that is likely to exceed even the loftiest expectations.

In addition to frothing up mixtures to a luxurious state, given its commercial design, the BarBoss is made to create mixed/blended beverages very quickly. This model comes with a large 64-oz., nearly indestructible polycarbonate jar and is equipped with a simple pulse control and an acceleration feature that is perfect for putting the finishing touches on truly first-rate mixed concoctions. In particular, this acceleration features is especially useful, as it automatically starts the unit off at a low setting, and then continues to ramp up speed until it finally shuts off.  As a result, you can load up the jar, switch it on and walk away with confidence knowing that your mixed beverage will be ready and waiting with an ultra-fine whip when you return.

The 5028 stands 20 inches high, 7.25 inches wide and is 8.75 inches deep.  This model is backed by a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty.

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Vitamix 5028 BarBoss ReviewsVitamix 5028 BarBoss Reviews

The 5028 is a relatively newer model and has not yet received many reviews; however, it is already off to a typical Vitamix start with a 5-star rating from one user who confirmed that this model’s performance was superb.  As with virtually all of the Vitamix line, we are confident that this 5-star trend will only continue.

Price and Value

The 5028 BarBoss lists for a whopping $904 but is currently available for a discounted price of roughly $450 at the time of this writing.  At this sale price, we think the 5028 provides great value, especially for those looking to make blended drinks not only perfectly, but very quickly as well.

Buy Vitamix 5028 BarBossConcluding Thoughts & Opinions

If you are a professional bartender or merely want to whip up blended drinks, smoothies and other concoctions like the pros – then the Vitamix 5028 BarBoss is a natural choice among other Vitamix models.  Specifically, the pulse control, acceleration and auto-shutoff feature, and the ice blade equipped with the 5028 unit give it the edge and quite possible makes it one of the best blenders for smoothies as well.

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