Sunpentown TN-12E 12000 TechniTrend Review

Sunpentown TN-12E 12000 TechniTrendFor many users, a 12000 BTU portable air conditioner is powerful enough to cool even the largest rooms while remaining slightly less bulky and expensive compared to a 14000 BTU unit. Nevertheless, it can often be a challenge finding a good deal in this BTU-range. Fortunately, there are some great deals right now, and among them is the Sunpentown TN-12E 12000 TechniTrend BTU Portable Air Conditioner. For much more information on this unit, including its specifications and what purchasers think about it so far, please keep reading.

Cooling Power

The TN-12E 12000 TechniTrend puts out a very respectable 12000 BTUs of cooling power that should easily cool a 400 square foot room. This is a conservative coverage area; you may be able to cool larger rooms up to 550 square feet in size under optimal conditions – i.e., those without additional “heat factors,” such as high ceilings, sunny exposures, little or no insulation, etc.


Exhaust Hose Design

This unit employs a single exhaust hose. Indeed, single hose systems are generally less preferable to dual hose units, which, unlike single-hose models, don’t use indoor air to cool the unit’s compressor.  However, vent design must be considered along with another measure of efficiency, that is the unit’s Energy Efficiency Ratio or “EER.” As we discuss below, the 12000 TechniTrend’s EER is very high, which mitigates the loss of efficiency associated with the single hose design to a large extent.

Condensate Drain System

Unless you live in a very humid environment, you should never need to manually drain the TN-12E 12000 TechniTrend because it uses a self-evaporation system that blows off condensate on the cooling coils, which not only makes less for you, but enhances cooling efficiency. If you do live in a particularly humid area, you may need to empty the discharge receptacle, or install the direct drain hose included with this model.

Size & Portability

With dimensions of 17 x 17 x 30 inches and a total net weight of 70 pounds the TN-12E is just as bulky and heavy as most other 12000 BTU portable air conditioners. Fortunately, it has rolling casters for easier room-to-room movement.


This is where the TechniTrend really shines. Energy efficiency for air conditioners is evaluated based on a ratio of the unit’s BTUs divided by its wattage. This Energy Efficiency Ratio, or “EER” as it is usually referred to, is therefore a standard measurement of how much cooling power you get for each watt of electricity consumed. Higher numbers are better, although most models range anywhere from 8.0 to 10.8, with anything beyond 10.0 being particularly efficient.

But the TechniTrend is not like most models. In fact, this particular unit boasts an EER of 12.44 – this is an outstanding EER we rarely see. As such, we feel makes it the TechniTrend as efficient overall as many dual hose units that don’t have such a high EER.

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With a noise rating of 54 decibels, the TN-12E 12000 TechniTrend is fairly average – i.e., not unusually quiet or noisy relative to its peers. Now, of course, people vary tremendously in their sensitivity to noise, and dB ratings can be deceptive, so even the quietest unit may upset your sleep. Also, keep in mind that many manufacturers only report noise levels for the lowest fan speeds. As we discuss below, despite having an ordinary noise spec, all of the reviewers on so far commented that this model ran quietly – which is a better indicator than decibel rating in most cases.

Sunpentown TN-12E 12000 TechniTrendOther Features

  • Digital temperature display
  • 2 fan speeds
  • Leakage-Current Detection & Interruption
  • 65 pint/day dehumidifier
  • Activated carbon odor filter
  • Washable air filter
  • Easy-grip handles/rolling casters
  • Digital thermostat (64-90°F range)
  • Programmable timer
  • 5-foot extendable exhaust hose & window kit
  • Remote control
  • Water tank & water tube for continuous drain option

Sunpentown TN-12E 12000 TechniTrend Reviews

Sunpentown TN-12E 12000 TechniTrend ReviewsThis air conditioner has not been available for very long, but it has already scored big in terms of consumer satisfaction ratings, with a 5 out of 5 stars on based (2) reviews. Here are some excerpts from these reviews that fairly sum up their feelings:

“Quiet and efficient machine…it is a very quiet unit.”

“I never had to drain the machine…except before moving the unit.”

“This model works much better than the previous one we just replaced. It is quite and runs smooth. Would buy this model again.”

The only problem with such praise is that, with only 5-star reviews, there are no negative comments yet to report!

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Price & Value

Value is another big plus with the 12000 TechniTrend. At the moment, it’s selling for just $345 – thanks to a 37% discount off of $549 list price. At this discounted price, you are getting a lot of air conditioner for your money. In fact, we see many 8000-10000 BTU units going for this price. Yet, don’t forget that, in addition to its great sales price right now, its high efficiency means that you will saving on operating costs over the life of the unit, which equals a great value all around!

Pros & Cons


  • Selling for steep discount (at the moment)
  • Inexpensive for high-efficiency 12000 BTU model
  • Runs quietly
  • Air filter & odor control included
  • Good dehumidifying capacity
  • Self-evaporating system
  • Extremely high EER for overall outstanding efficiency
  • 5-star reviews (so far)


  • Bulky and heavy (like most other units)
  • Single hose exhaust system not as efficient as dual hose

Sunpentown TN-12E 12000 TechniTrendConcluding Thoughts & Opinions

Besides cooling effectiveness, the two most important things for most consumers are value and operating efficiency. And in these respects the Sunpentown TN-12E 12000 TechniTrend excels. As we’ve discussed, the only thing that could be improved is the exhaust hose – i.e., a dual hose rather than a single hose. But, also as we’ve mentioned, the unusually high EER of 12.44 for this model largely makes up for inherent inefficiencies of a single hose option. Further, since dual hose systems tend to be more expensive, adding a dual hose to this model would almost certainly make it not so budget-friendly.

And in addition to great value and efficiency, we like the other features that often go overlooked, like the washable air filter and carbon media for odor control. Likewise, things like leakage detection, a long expandable exhaust hose and quiet operation cannot be forgotten.

Consequently, for its currently discounted price, we too easily give the TN-12E 12000 TechniTrend 5-stars for performance, efficiency and value.

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