Stok SGP2220 Review

Stok SGP2220 ReviewAlthough it doesn’t look like your typical gas grill, rest assured that the Stok SGP2220 Island 2 Burner Gas Grill is a very high quality and smartly-engineered grilling system that provides tremendous versatility and lots of grilling power that will not disappoint.  If anything, considering its unusually high approval rating, you are likely to join the chorus of happy owners who claim this is the “best grill” they’ve every used.  For much more information on this model and precisely what users are saying about its features and performance, please continue reading.

Stok SGP2220 Specifications

Capacity:  the SGP2220 provides a total of 363-square inches of primary cooking surface area in a round, 360-degree design that allows you to access your food from any angle.  Note that this cooking area figure is for actual grilling surface area, and does not including any warming space.  With this kind of space, you can easily prepare food for a large, hungry family and/or accommodate a small to mid-sized dinner party.

Stok SGP2220 Propane Grill - Innovative DesignCookbox:  this model uses a very rugged 22.5 inch diameter firebox system that includes  two (2) stainless steel burners and heavy-duty porcelain-enameled cast-iron grates for outstanding heat transfer and searing capability. Notably, this model uses an outer and inner (removable) grate surface, each of which is powered by a dedicated burner.  In addition, the bottom of the cookbox uses a very simple but effective grease tray receptacle that makes for fast clean up after use.  Finally, the high domed and vented grill lid optimizes heat distribution across the grilling surface and improves heat retention; the lid also includes a handy temperature gauge to keep the heat right where you want it.

Controls:  push button ignition with infinite control dials for each burner provide complete control over how fast/hot you want your cook to go, and allow you to maintain a cooler/hotter area across the surface to the extent this is desired.

Power:  the two concentric burners produce a total 25,000 BTUs of heat, which promotes quick heating and excellent power for searing of meats.

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Accessories:  the Stok SGP2220 uses a simple design but has unusual versatility thanks to a number of options/accessories, which include various grate inserts, such as a basic grilling grate, pizza stone cooking surface, a vegetable tray insert, and a handy tool that lets you lift and swap them out.  This grill also comes with a cutting board and lots of storage space for the inserts and many other tools.

Size/Dimensions:  despite boasting lots of power and a respectable grilling capacity, this is a fairly lightweight and compact grill, which measures 44.9 inches high and 40.5 inches wide fully assembled.

Cart/Frame Design: one of the greatest aspects of this grill is it’s very sturdy, yet open cart design that allows for lots of food preparation area and approachability.  At the bottom of the cart there is a liquid propane tank holder that is designed to hold a 20-pound tank (purchased separately).

Warranty:  the SGP2220’s burners are backed by a stunning 10 year limited warranty; while the grill unit itself is covered by a 2 year limited warranty.

Stok SGP2220 Reviews & Approval Ratings

Stok SGP2220 ReviewsPerhaps the best indicator of this grill’s cooking prowess is it’s virtually unheard of user approval rating.  To date, this grill is averaging a 4.9 out of 5.0 stars on based on a solid track record of 17 reviews.  It is very rare to see any grill approach this level of satisfaction, but let’s dig into these reviews to see exactly what people liked about this unit.

Among the praises received by the SGP2220 were it’s super-fast heat up time, great power and searing capability, even heat distribution and ease of assembly.  Users also generally commented that this grill was extremely sturdy and high-quality, with a very well-thought out and intuitive layout that was easy to clean. Further, the Stok received high marks for it’s various grate inserts, concentric burner design, generous preparation area an domed-lid design. Indeed, given it’s many virtues, many users reported that this was the best grill they’d ever used.  In case you think we are exaggerating, here are some very typical remarks made by the reviewers:

  • This is a truly great grill. I’ve owned many grills in the past and this is by far the best one ever. The interchangeable grates are the best.”
  • “… it gets extremely hot extremely fast. We’ve done steaks, oysters in the shell, pizza, and grilled veggies….a well thought out design coupled with extremely rugged construction.”
  • This is by far the best grill I have owned in years.”
  •  “…this is the best grill I have ever cooked on.! Quality built and all the special attachments make it a really versatile cooking machine.”

The only downside of so many positive reviews is that there were no negative comments to speak of!  Specifically, there was only one 4-star review among the lot, and this reviewer praised the grill, only dropping it from a 5 to a 4-star because it did not come with a rotisserie function!

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Stok SGP2220 - Lots of Food Prep SpacePrice and Value

At it’s current sales price of roughly $330, the SGP2220 is not an inexpensive grill, but we think it’s still very reasonably priced considering its performance, quality and very thoughtful design.  However, you may be able to catch a slight break on the newer version of this model, the Stok SGP2120N, which is selling for $299 at the time of this writing.

Concluding Thoughts & Opinions

Just like nearly every user who so far has reviewed it to date, we too easily give the SGP2220 – and it’s newer version the SGP2120N – 5 stars for its quick and even heating, solid build, versatile cooking grate inserts, large prep area, and overall extremely thoughtful design.  The only real limitation of this grill is its size – if you plan on cooking for large groups of people, then this unit may be a bit too small for you.  However, for even large families and entertaining small groups of friends, this is a perfect option that will produce outstanding results for virtually any type of food that you can imagine grilling.

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