Soleus HCT-D70E-A Review

Soleus HCT-D70E-A ReviewAs many of us brace for a humid, sticky summer, the good news is that there are some new and powerful dehumidifiers on the market that are efficient and priced right, such as the Soleus HCT-D70E-A 70-Pint Dehumidifier. However, what makes this model any different from the others? And what should you know about it before considering a purchase?

Please keep reading for a detailed look at the Soleus HCT-D70E-A so you can see for yourself whether it’s worth your money.

Soleus HCT-D70E-A – Key Features & Specifications

70-pint Dehumidifying Capacity

This unit can remove up to 70 pints of moisture from the air per day, and has a collection bucket capacity of 16.9 pints.

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Great Low Temperature Operation & Auto Defrost

Many people will need to run their unit in cooler conditions, at least at some point. The only problem is that compressor-driven models can often freeze up when operating below 50F. The good news is that the HCT-D70E-A uses an auto-defrost mechanism to prevent this and is therefore quite tolerant of cold weather operation. Specifically, this unit is rated to function down to a chilly 41 degrees Fahrenheit!

Soleus HCT-D70E-A - modern control panel and humidistatEasy Control With Humidistat Feature

Some like it drier or more humid than others, which is why Soleus fitted the HCT-D70E-A with a humidistat that can be used to dial in your exact preferences. Just remember that relative humidity levels ranging from 20 to 40% are considered ideal.

Automatic Shutoff & Continuous Draining

All dehumidifiers will accumulate water (technically condensate) that must be emptied in some manner. The HCT-D70E-A is handy in this regard as it possesses a bucket full indicator and – if you ignore it – an automatic shutoff that will cut power to the unit so the collection bucket doesn’t overfill. However, you can avoid the chore of checking/dumping water altogether by availing yourself of the garden hose connection that allows the unit to drain continuously for set-n-forget convenience.

Quiet Operation

One of the biggest complaints from consumers is noise, which is why we were happy to see that the Soleus HCT-D70E-A is rated to produce a mere 49 to 53 decibels of sound (depending on speed). This is a very good score, and is equivalent to the sound of human whispering. As such, you can easily use this unit in the bedroom, office or an entertainment area without causing much disturbance.

Soleus HCT-D70E-A - easy-emptying collection bucket with continuous drain option.Washable Filter Media

We love filters, but hate having to constantly buy often costly replacement media. Fortunately, you don’t have to with the Soleus HCT-D70E-A; it comes with a washable filter that you can clean and reuse over and over again. Hurray!

High Energy Efficiency

Like air conditioners, dehumidifiers are relatively demanding appliances and it pays to consider energy efficiency when comparing your options. The Soleus HCT-D70E-A is definitely one of the more sensible choices among 70-pint models, as it has earned the coveted Energy Star rating for electrical efficiency.

Compact Size & Modern Styling

Dehumidifiers are not normally “attractive” appliances, but the HCT-D70E-A won’t provide much of an eyesore – this unit is fairly compact, measuring 15 inches wide, 11 deep and 25 inches high. It’s also refreshingly easy to pick up and move around (if necessary), weighing in at just about 47 pounds.

Price and Value

Buy the Soleus HCT-D70E-A 70-pint dehumidifer!In our view, the current sales price of the Soleus HCT-D70E, which is hovering around $250 shipped, is very good relative to other 70 pint models, especially when you consider the high energy efficiency of this unit (which will help defray energy costs over the life of the unit).

Concluding Thoughts & Recommendations

It’s true that the Soleus HCT-D70E-A 70-Pint Dehumidifier does not do anything revolutionary as far as dehumidifiers are concerned, but it’s priced right; boasts great energy efficiency; has a low noise rating; and comes with other premium features like continuous drain, good low-temperature operation and humidistat controls. Consequently, we think its a smart choice among other new 70-pint models currently available.

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