ProTeam Super Coach HEPA Backpack Vacuum Review

ProTeam Super Coach HEPA Backpack Vacuum ReviewIf you are open to the concept of a backpack vacuum, they can be one of the best options for serious cleaning, whether they are used for residential or commercial applications. And among the new models that have risen to the top, few are as popular or well-rated as the Super Coach HEPA Backpack Vacuum by ProTeam. But does this model live up to the hype? Please read on for much more information about this model and our candid thoughts and opinions.

Super Coach HEPA Specifications

  • Commercial-Type Power:  Featuring a powerful 10.6 amp motor and generating a staggering 150 CFM, this is considered one of the most powerful of its type on the market.  As a result, the ProTeam Super Coach HEPA Backpack Vacuum may be the perfect unit for large homes and institutional cleaning jobs, particularly for covering the open spaces found in high traffic areas like hallways, large living spaces, and school classrooms. It delivers extreme power and deep-cleaning suction capabilities.
  • Advanced HEPA Filtration:  The new HEPA level filtration incorporated into this model will please people with respiratory problems. HEPA filters trap super-fine airborne allergens that other filters just can’t match. Consequently, you can rest assured that when tacking tough dust and dirt, you won’t be degrading air quality as you work.
  • Great Attachments:  The ProTeam HEPA comes with the Xover toolkit B, including a 56-inch wand with a button lock, standard 14-inch floor tool, a 3-inch dust brush, 7-inch crevice tool and 5-inch upholstery tool. There is an optional hardwood floor bristle attachment. With this assortment of tools, there is virtually no surface you can’t clean.
  • Convenient Backpack Design:  As the name suggests, it’s a backpack vacuum – essentially a canister vacuum with straps. The operator carries it on the back. Its operation is easy and obvious, so no special training is required. Further, because it is light weight, you may forget you are wearing it on your back!
  • Workhorse Commercial-Grade Construction:  Due to it’s commercial-grade quality, this vacuum cleaner can go through virtually anything. The debris passes directly through the wand and hose to the canister, so the unit will not plug up or suffer damage. And the powerful suction ensures it won’t miss a spot. Although this may look like other backpack models, as far as power, durability, and overall quality, the ProTeam HEPA stands apart from competitors.

ProTeam Super Coach HEPA Backpack Vacuum Reviews

ProTeam Super Coach HEPA Backpack Vacuum ReviewsGenerally, user reviews have been nothing short of glowing, with this model currently averaging a 4.8 out of 5 user satisfaction rating on The professionals who use Super Coach HEPA are of the humble opinion that it is as good as it gets in backpack vacuums. For example, here are some reactions from the reviewers:

They can get dust, debris and dirt in places others can only hope to get.”

Another reviewer said, “ProTeam has proven that their products can serve both commercial cleaning companies and the household simply needing a sturdy, reliable, powerful and effective vacuum.”

And finally, a reviewer wrote, “I used them extensively while working as a housekeeper at my university and realized it would be great for a home as well. I bought one and I’ve been happy with it ever since.”

That pretty much sums up the overall feeling of the reviewers for the ProTeam Super Coach HEPA.  This powerful unit has clearly won many loyal followers.

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Price & Value

Currently selling for roughly $400, this model is at the higher end of the price spectrum, but when compared to the power and maneuverability of low-end industrial strength backpack vacuums, it’s definitely a fair price in our estimation. You need only see the reactions of the users who carry the units around for 8-hours a day to know it’s value.

What you’re paying for here is extreme power and a tool set that allows the user to reach anyplace with ease and the confidence that the powerful suction will do the rest. As an investment, professionals have confirmed that it pays for itself in a few days; of course, many professional users recommend buying it for the home as well.

Concluding Thoughts & Opinions

ProTeam Super Coach HEPA Backpack VacuumIn our view, the ProTeam Super Coach HEPA backpack vacuum is a natural choice for professionals and discriminating homeowners alike, particularly those who want to cover large spaces with commercial-type speed and efficiency. Specifically, if you are looking for a canister vacuum that generates deep cleaning suction and comes in a tough, lightweight design, we are confident that you will love this unit. Although it costs a little more than your average canister, like all great tools, we believe it will pay you back in the form of hours saved on cleaning chores.

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