Oster BLSTVB-000-000 Versa Review

Oster BLSTVB-000-000 Versa ReviewIf you’ve done any research on high-performance blenders, you probably have already arrived at the sobering fact that the best names (aka the Vitamix and Blendtecs) will cost you somewhere between $400-600.  And, to be fair, while some other “high-performance” brands may come close, the vast majority still come up short in terms of blend quality and consistency – but there are exceptions.  We are very pleased to review the Oster Versa, which is roughly $100-$200 less than most Vitamix models and in our opinion really does bring the same power, performance and quality. And we are not alone! Please read on for much more information and a detailed discussion of what others are saying about this almost too-good-to-be-true Vitamix alternative.

Oster BLSTVB-000-000 Versa Specifications

The Oster BLSTVB Versa is a real powerhouse that brings all of the key features that we’d expect to see in the most expensive high-performance blenders out there – cough…cough Vitamix.

The heart of this high-performance blender is its 1,400 watt motor, which can propel the unit’s stainless steel blade at speeds exceeding 250 miles per hour and 28,000 revolutions per minute.  This makes the Versa as powerful – or slightly more powerful – than the Vitamix blenders, which generally use a 1,200 watt motor and attain blade speeds of 240 MPH.

In addition, like it’s more costly rival, the Versa uses a thick-walled 64-ounce, BPA-free Tritan mixing jar that can almost withstand a direct torpedo hit. Further, the jar has nice and clear measurement indicator lines so you can add precisely the right amount of whatever ingredients you choose.

Moreover, unlike most Vitamix models, the Versa comes with three programmed presets, in addition to a handy variable speed dial and a pulse control.  These presets allow one-touch convenience and repeatable results for smoothies, dips or spreads, and soup creations.  Oster BLSTVB-000-000 Versa High Performance BlenderThe BLSTVB also comes with a food tamper and an impressive cookbook (in color) that will give you lots of ideas to jumpstart a healthy lifestyle.

Again, reminiscent of the Vitamix, this is a fairly large/tall blender that measures 20.3 inches high, 8.3 inches wide and 9.3 inches deep.  The blades don’t remove, but the jar can normally be cleaned easily by adding water, a tiny amount of soap and running the unit briefly.

Finally, like the Vitamix, the Versa is backed by a 7 year warranty.

Oster BLSTVB-000-000 Versa Reviews & Ratings

Oster BLSTVB-000-000 Versa ReviewsWhile the Versa’s specs are outstanding, its reviews are virtually unheard of.  Currently, this blender holds an average satisfaction rating of 4.8 out of 5 based on 42 reviews on amazon.com.  And as you can see by the distribution of the scores, 37 of these reviews are 5-star!  Even the most popular Vitamix models struggle to reach such a high approval rating, especially based on this many reviews. So what precisely are these customers saying about the Versa?  We’ve taken the liberty of combing through them and here’s what actual users said.

  • Super-Powered:  virtually all of the reviewers raved in awe of the Versa’s crushing/blending/mixing super-power.  In fact, some said that it could probably chew up “concrete” or a whole “cat” if you fancied such a horrible smoothie.  Seriously, though, whether it was nut butter, soups, ultra-fine whipped smoothies, nut flour – whatever – people had nothing but praise for this blender’s strength and ability to handle just about anything you can fit in the jar.
  • Convenient Controls:  many of the users were fans of the presets, and there were consistent reports of excellent results with the smoothie and soup settings in particular.  Users appreciated that they could put the blender to work with the touch of the button and let it rip.
  • High-Quality Construction:  numerous reviews commented on the actual and apparent quality of this machine – its heft, sturdy base, the quality of the Tritan jar, and overall reliable performance, even during routine use.
  • Big & Loud these were the only two comments that could possibly be interpreted as “complaints” – i.e., observations that at nearly 2 feet in height, this blender won’t store easily in most cabinets, and that it can be quite loud on the high setting.  Nevertheless, most users who pointed out these things still gave the unit 5-stars, considering them to be minor issues that were insignificant compared to the overall performance and value of this machine.
  • As Good as a Vitamix as you can expect, there were many comparisons between the Versa and Vitamix; with most of these made by people that owned both.  Here are a couple actual quotes that sum up most of these users’ feelings:
  • “If you are in the market for a high-performance blender and are considering a Vitamix, take a look at this Versa. I believe it performs every bit as well as a Vitamix at less cost.”
  • “this blender is the first one that I can say absolutely is comparable to the Vitamix and probably more favorable because it has a better price tag and more features.”

Indeed, these reviews seem almost fantastic, but as one user confirmed after buying the Versa, they are “accurate” as well.  Who knows, if you purchase one you might also agree that “It really is the best blender on Earth.”

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Oster BLSTVB-000-000 Versa for Green SmoothiesPrice and Value

This is what makes the Oster Versa a truly special product.  Although it has roughly the same look, power, features, ratings and warranty of a Vitamix, it costs much less.  Specifically, the Versa is currently on sale (brand new) for less than $300.  You probably can’t even get a used (“reconditioned”) Vitamix for that, much less a new one that will cost you between $400 and $600 depending on the model.  Hey, we love Vitamix blenders, but call a spade a spade!  The Versa offers high performance at a much greater value.

Concluding Thoughts & Opinions

Make Smooth Blended Drinks With The Oster Versa!Unfortunately, there has traditionally been a serious gap between the Vitamix and Blendtecs, and virtually all other “lesser” blenders.  Occasionally there are a few models here and there that do pretty well at matching raw power, like a couple of the “elite” Breville and Ninja blenders, but they still pale in comparison overall to the Vitamix/Blendtecs.  In fact, if you read their reviews, you will see that these comparatively inexpensive models (which still hover around $200-300) still cannot quite make smoothies as smooth or soups as silky as the big boys, or otherwise simply fail to match the robustness of those premium blenders.

Well, the Oster BLSTVB-000-000 Versa is one of the very few more affordable blenders that we can say truly offers the same level of performance, build quality, features and even the warranty of the Vitamix, without the Vitamix’s much higher price tag.  And hey – you don’t have to believe us, read over the reviews for yourself.  Nor are we working for Oster. We are frankly just thrilled that such a high-performance blender is finally available, since it means that many more people are likely to get hooked on a healthy lifestyle as a result.  To put it mildly, we believe the Versa provides the most high-performance value of any blender we’ve reviewed to date.

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