Numatic Henry HVR200A Review

Numatic Henry HVR200A ReviewNumatic canister vacuums have been a staple in homes in the UK for decades, and Numatic’s top-selling international model, the Henry HVR200A, shows why. This canister vacuum brings powerful commercial-grade suction and features in a no-nonsense design that is also giving this vacuum a loyal following here in the states. Sound too good to be true? Please read on as we take a deeper look into exactly what all the fuss is about.

Numatic Henry HVR200A Specifications

The Henry HVR200A may be smiling, but it’s as tough as a canister vacuum can get. It comes with a massive 1,200 watt power plant and a two speed setting with “autosave” – a feature that automatically starts the vacuum at the lower suction setting. This is a good thing, since the lower speed provides tons of power; in fact, most people will probably only rarely need to use the higher power setting. The Henry is equipped with a large Tritex filter, essentially a big filter net, that captures and hold all of the pet hair, dirt and other large debris that might otherwise clog or stop a lesser vacuum. And with the unit’s HEPA-flo air bags, very fine particulates the could harm or irritate airways are retained in the waste can where they belong.

Numatic Henry HVR200A Tritex FilterFurther, with the Henry’s 9 liter capacity and high quality 10 piece, steel-tube accessory set, you will be making short work of even the toughest jobs around the home. This tool set also offers tremendous versatility, regardless whether you are cleaning bare floor, carpeting or upholstery – specifically, it comes with a floor nozzle; a handy crevice  tool; a tapered hose and tool adapter; a dusting brush tool; and an upholstery nozzle with a slide-on brush.

Moreover, despite delivering more power and capacity than virtually anything else in its class, this is still a fairly light canister vacuum, weighing in at approximately 15 pounds and featuring a large handle on the top of the can.

And finally, if all of this weren’t enough, the Numatic HVR200A is unusually quiet for any canister vacuum, much less one with this kind of extreme suction power. As a result, as discussed below, users report being able to carry on cleaning duties without disturbing those around them.

Numatic Henry HVR200A Reviews

Numatic Henry HVR200A ReviewsCurrently boasting an average user satisfaction rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars on based on 12 reviews, it’s not hard to see why this vacuum is so popular in the UK and international market. But what exactly are these reviewers saying?

First off, the reviewers praised the HRV200A for delivering lots and lots of power, even on the low suction setting. They also routinely commented on how quietly it runs, with one reviewer noting that she was able to clean without waking up family members who were sleeping nearby. Others remarked on the large capacity and simple yet very tough design of this canister vacuum, stating that it was the best vacuum they’d ever had.  However, one reviewer who gave this product 5 stars mentioned that dog hair sticks to the floor tool brush head and is difficult to remove. Some others found the unit a bit top-heavy, but otherwise rated the vacuum highly.

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Numatic Henry HVR200A Floor ToolPrice and Value

Currently selling for about $300, the Henry is not cheap. Nevertheless, there are few canister vacuums that can match this unit’s power, large dust capacity and quiet operation within this price range. Also, when you consider the quality of the steel-tube floor tools and accessory set that is included, we think this is a very fair price for a workhorse vacuum that can deliver commercial-grade cleaning.

Concluding Thoughts & Opinions

The Numatic Henry is a worldwide sensation and a staple in homes in the UK for good reason. Despite it’s flashy “smile,” this canister vacuum is all business, with a simple, yet extremely robust construction, an unusually powerful suction system, solid filtration, and a very low-noise design.  It’s hard to ask for more than this in any canister vacuum, particular one that is fairly priced and delivers performance on par with or better than many more expensive “Cadillac” brands on the market. To sum up – an overall 5-star great deal.

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