Ninja Mega Kitchen System BL771 Review

Ninja Mega Kitchen System BL771 ReviewFinding a high-performance blender can be depressing, especially after you quickly realize that the really good models all tend to be $400 or more.  That’s what’s so great about the Ninja Mega Kitchen System BL771 – it brings high performance and outstanding power in a blending system that is roughly half the price of the big names, like Vitamix and Blendtec.  Nevertheless, not everything about the Ninja is perfect or can match the performance of the truly elite blenders.  To get the scoop on what’s great – and not so great – about the BL771, please keep reading.

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Ninja Mega Kitchen System BL771 Specifications

The Ninja BL771 is clearly aimed at taking a chunk out of the high-end blender market, and with its solid specs and generous features/accessories, it seems to be working.

Ninja Mega Kitchen System BL771 with short jarThe BL771 uses a very large 1,500 watt motor that is reported to deliver 2 horsepower to the unit’s stainless steel blades.  This is certainly the kind of power we’d expect in a premium blender, and is similar to most of the much pricier Vitamix models.

This system comes with one large 72-oz blending pitcher, one 8-cup food processing bowl, and a smaller 3-cup mixing bowl.  Ninja has also thrown in two single-serve blending cups with their own blade.  All of these jars are constructed using a durable and dishwasher-safe  BPA-free “San” plastic.  This is quite a lot of capacity, and typically much more than the single mixing jar you get with most high-end blenders.  We also like the single serve blending cups a lot – with this much power applied to this cup, you can whip up a smoothies or shakes in very short order!

The BL771 is capable of a variety of jobs normally reserved for the most powerful blenders.  It is excellent for juicing whole fruits and vegetables and crushing ice into a fine snow. It can chop, grind and mix foods/veggies. It can mix heavy batters and bread and pastry dough, reportedly at a rate of 2 pounds in 30 seconds.  And it’s also  well-suited for making smoothies, shakes and frozen drinks that will impress family and friends.

This blender comes with simple but effective controls, including three blending speeds and a pulse control button.  The base secures to a table or countertop with suction-cup feet and a handy suction lever.  This is a nice touch that you will appreciate; a machine with this much power can easily shake or bounce due to the torque of the motor, especially when mixing heavy/dense foodstuffs.

Ninja Mega Kitchen System BL771 Reviews

Ninja Mega Kitchen System BL771 ReviewsAt the time of this writing, the Ninja Mega Kitchen System BL771 has earned a very impressive average satisfaction rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars on based a total of 58 customer reviews.  This is a very good and long track record of performance, but what exactly do people like and dislike?

People generally loved this blender and system. Specifically, they raved about its great power and ability to handle so many tasks with ease.  They also really liked the single serve feature and that all of the bowls were dishwasher safe.

On the less positive side, a few users were frustrated that this blender cannot handle hot liquids.  Some users stated that this blender does not make a very smooth smoothie – they reported that the BL771 resulted in a grainy/chewy texture that they didn’t like.  Another bone of contention was the bulk of this system, and that none of the components were stackable or could be fit within one another.  Finally, there were many complaints about how loud this blender is.  One user called it “insanely” loud. Although most of these users seemed to accept this considering the power of this system, it was a very common complaint. Finally, there were a few reports of cracked jars and other failures, but this wasn’t too common.

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Ninja Mega Kitchen System BL771 single-serve cupPrice and Value

Currently selling for around $220, this is a relatively expensive blender compared to your typical store brand.  However, when you consider the big time power and various jars/accessories you get with the BL771, it’s a darn good deal in our book.  In fact, to do much better than this blender you are looking at a Vitamix or a Blendtec – which are clearly superior blenders – but cost at least $200 more than the BL771!

Concluding Thoughts & Opinions

We are not a fan of all the Ninja blenders.  However, this is a very good one with a generous set of features that provides great value.  As far as power and performance, the BL771 should please or amaze most users, especially those accustomed to the typical department store model.  However, if you want truly top of the line quality and smoothies that are smooth enough to die for, then this blender is not quite there, and will not give you the same silky texture that can be achieved with the likes of a Vitamix or a Blendtec in our view.  Of course, the BL771 is roughly $200-$300 less than either of these two brands, so if your budget is the bigger concern, then the BL771 is a very good option.

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