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NewAir AD-250 Specifications

NewAir AD-250

The NewAir AD-250 is probably the most compact 25-pint dehumidifier out there, measuring just 11 inches long, 5.7 inches wide and 19.7 inches high. It’s also among the lightest too, weighing in at a mere 16.5 pounds.  Nevertheless, this little dynamo can remove up to 25-pints of water a day and comes with a surprisingly rich set of features, which include automatic defrost; a full tank alert; automatic shutoff when a full tank is reached; an easy-access 6-pint side condensate bucket; an optional continuous drain connection; and a convenient water level indicator.

But in addition to its remarkably compact size and light weight, this little dehumidifier is incredibly energy efficient, drawing just 190 watts of electricity – this is roughly equivalent to the amount of energy consumed by an electric blanket or a box fan!

Perhaps the only thing noticeably absent from this unit’s features is a humidistat; the AD-250 instead uses a manual control: it’s either on or off. As a result, many people set this unit on a timer to run for a few hours a day once desired humidity levels are reached.


NewAir AD-250 Reviews & Ratings

The AD-250 has consistently earned more 5-star reviews than virtually anything else in its class. Specifically, as of the date of this writing, this model has an average satisfaction rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars based on 33 reviews on  To give you a flavor of what these reviews look like, we gathered here some excerpts from the actual reviews:

  • NewAir AD-250 Reviews“Running Non-stop For Almost 4 Months – Works Great!”
  • “We have been running it non-stop for nearly two months now and haven’t had a single problem. Great buy.”
  • “My favorite thing about this unit is, it’s 180 Watts!!! Find another compressor driven dehumidifier with that low of operating wattage…just try!”
  • “I bought this from amazon 2 years ago and it’s been working great.”
  • “Very quiet and makes a definite difference after only a couple days in a large studio apartment.”
  • “This product is a workhorse!! When I first plugged it in, it dropped my humidity 15 points in 5 hours!”
  • “It’s a bit loud and only has on & off settings. But overall it’s good for a small machine.”

As these comments illustrate, users are extremely happy with this dehumidifier for its compact size, unusual energy efficiency, great performance, and it’s reliability. In terms of longevity in particular, we rarely see so many reviewers reporting being able to use their unit for several years – and this is even more impressive given how compact this model is.  As you’d expect there were very few negative comments overall, and these were generally directed towards the unit’s noise levels, which most people found to be very low or tolerable.

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Price & Value

NewAir AD-250 side view

Despite boasting such outstanding reviews, incredible energy efficiency and an ultra-compact size, the AD-250 is very affordable. And don’t be fooled by it’s MSRP of $236, as this model usually sells for a very steep discount, putting it in the same range as most other 25-pint models.  To compare this model’s specs, ratings and current pricing with the rest of the field, check out our Dehumidifier Comparison Buying Guide.

Concluding Thoughts & Opinions

We would love to give the NewAir AD-250 6-stars if that were possible. This little dynamo is small, light, powerful, extremely energy efficient and has unbelievable track record of reliability, which is made even more impressive when you consider how frequently dehumidifiers break down or fail after a year or two of continuous use.

Nor is the lack of an automatic humidistat a real drawback in our view either – like many users have indicated, this unit can very easily be set to turn off and on with a good lamp timer once you have reached your desired humidity level; although initially you might have to adjust run time a bit to figure out how long you need it to stay on for your particular room and conditions.

In short, if you want to dehumidify an office, bedroom, small apartment, RV/boat/camper or any other smaller space with a fantastically reliable and energy efficient unit that can fit just about anywhere, the NewAir AD-250 is the natural choice.

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