NewAir AC12000H Review

NewAir AC12000HA heat pump incorporated into a portable air conditioner makes good sense, and can really pay off in winter by providing a particularly efficient form of space heating. The only real downside of heat pump air conditioners is the typically high price tag. Every once and a while, however, you can find a good deal, like the one currently available on the NewAir AC12000H 12,000 BTU Heat Pump Portable Air Conditioner. To get the scoop on this new model, please keep reading.

Cooling Power

The NewAir AC12000H has 12000 BTUs of cooling power that should cover most spaces up to 425 square feet in size, although you can probably cool a slightly larger area if the room has a low ceiling, few windows and is shaded and well-insulated.

Notably, this model also comes with a highly-efficient heat pump unit as well. The unit has a cooling/heating range of 64-90 degrees Fahrenheit.

NewAir AC12000HExhaust Hose Design

Virtually all portable air conditioners must vent to the outside, and exhaust systems take one of two forms – a single hose or dual hose system. The NewAir AC12000H uses the former. All other things being equal, single hose systems are less preferable than dual hose models, since the single hose exhaust unit will pull some of your indoor air to cool down the compressor condenser coils and then vent this outdoors. The only issue  with this is that by doing so, you (1) lose some of the air you just cooled and (2) create a very weak negative pressure in the room that will draw in outdoor air through various cracks around doors/windows and/or around the ventilation hookup, which will add to the load on the unit.

However, this does not mean that single hose units are a poor choice. They are often more affordable than dual hose systems, watt for watt, and can still be fairly efficient if they have a decent Energy Efficiency Ratio (“EER”), as we discuss more below.

Condensate Drain System

Back in the old days, portable ACs virtually always needed manually draining of condensate. Fortunately, the NewAir AC12000H, like most modern models, use self-evaporating or “auto-evaporating” technology that actually uses condensate to further cool off the unit’s coils by blowing exhaust air over them. The result is that, for most users, this should dry up the condensate before it begins to accumulate – therefore eliminating periodic draining.

Nevertheless, you should know that even the best auto-evaporation systems may not work in very humid environments. In such cases, you may have to drain the unit just like the old days. Just remember, don’t blame the air conditioner for this, blame high humidity!

Size & Portability

We are actually quite surprised at how relatively compact and lightweight the NewAir AC12000H is. Specifically, with dimensions of 14.37″ L x 15.55″ W x 29.33″ H and a total net weight of just 57 pounds, this is in fact one of the smallest and lightest 12000 BTU air conditioners we’ve seen – and it comes with a heat pump to boot!

NewAir AC12000H

Energy Efficiency

You will hear most air conditioners’ efficiency being characterized by their “EER” – this Energy Efficiency Ratio is determined by dividing BTUs by wattage, so a higher number is better because it means that you get more cooling power for each watt consumed. Generally, EERs for your typical portable air conditioner will range from 8 to 10.0. Anything at or above 10.0 is very good.

In this case, the NewAir AC12000H scores a 10.2 – a great EER that means you will not be throwing your hard-earned cooling dollars down the drain.  In addition, this better than average EER does mitigate some of the inefficiencies associated with its single hose design.

Operating Noise Levels

Rated at 51 decibels, the NewAir AC12000H is a relatively quiet air conditioner. Of course, you may still think it’s loud depending upon your expectations. Noise levels are very subjective, and some people can be annoyed by even the slightest sounds. If you are one of those people, then virtually any air conditioner – even the most quiet – might seem loud to you. However, as we said, relative to the field, this model is relatively quiet.

Other Features

  • Dehumidifies as it cools
  • 2 fan speeds
  • 24-hour programmable timer
  • Remote control
  • Fan only setting
  • Air filter with carbon odor-control included
  • LCD display
  • Window vent kit
  • Eco-friendly R-410A refrigerant
  • Rolling casters

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NewAir AC12000H ReviewsNewAir AC12000H Reviews

This is a pretty new model and doesn’t have a ton of reviews yet; however, so far, it has earned a very impressive 4.5 out of 5 stars based on 4 reviews on All of these reviews are very positive, as you can imagine. Here are some excerpts from actual reviews that sum up the feeling toward this unit:

“works great heating this last winter and cooling this 105* degree summer”

“Very effective and efficient….cools quickly…set up is straight forward….Would definitely recommend this air conditioner to others.”

“It does cool a moderately-sized room well, and a small room, really well. Not too heavy…easy to move around on its rollers.”

“Works very well both for cooling and heating”

As you can see, the NewAir AC12000H cools and heats well and is “not too heavy” – all very important things for most consumers. In fact, the only complaints came from one 4-star reviewer who felt the unit was noisy and disliked that it required manual condensate draining. He also complained that the unit took up space near the window – which is something that all portable ACs that vent to the outdoors do!

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Price & Value

The AC12000H lists for $714, but at the time of this writing is selling for $484 – a savings of $230 or 32% off of the MSRP.   At it’s discounted price, it’s a very good deal considering that you are getting a lot of cooling power and a heat pump. As you can see by comparing this unit with other models, there are many 12000 BTU air conditioners selling for much more this, and most of these don’t come with a heat pump. As a result, we give the AC12000H a big thumbs up for value.

NewAir AC12000H controlsPros & Cons


  • Heat pump included
  • Lots of cooling power
  • Compact & lightweight for a 12K BTU model
  • Comes with air/odor filtration
  • Good EER of 10.2
  • Has earned very positive reviews (so far)


  • Single hose exhaust system not as efficient as dual hose
  • One reviewer felt the unit was loud & had to drain condensate manually

Concluding Thoughts & Opinions

NewAir AC12000H At its current sales price of less than $500, it’s really hard to beat the power, value and versatility you get with the NewAir AC12000H – it can cool a 425 square foot room in summer and cool it in winter. Further, it comes with nice features, like good digital controls, self-evaporation and air filtration with odor control.

In addition, although it lacks a dual hose exhaust, with its 10.2 EER, the AC12000H is reasonably energy efficient, which saves you money on operating costs and mitigates some of inefficiency inherent in its single-hose design.

And finally, one more great feature that shouldn’t be overlooked is its relatively compact size and lightweight. While this model is not feather-light, it’s definitely smaller and much less heavy than most other 12K BTU air conditioners you are going to find. Indeed, this is important, because most people underestimate just how big most higher-end BTU portable air conditioners really are.  All in all, a very good deal we’d say.

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