NewAir AC-14100H Review

NewAir AC-14100H ReviewWe are always happy to see portable air conditioners coming out with heater functionality as well, especially those that are very high quality yet remain affordable. One such dual cooling/heating model that has earned a perfect 5-star track record so far – and is selling for a steep discount at the moment – is the NewAir AC-14100H Ultra Versatile 14,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner and Heater. For much more information about this model’s specs and user ratings, and our candid thoughts about its value, please keep reading.

Cooling Power

The NewAir AC-14100H generates a total of 14000 BTUs, which NewAir indicates is sufficient to cool down a space of up to 525 square feet. This is probably a conservative estimate, since 14000 BTUs can cover a larger area, up to 700 square feet, under optimal conditions (good insulation, lower ceilings, shady aspect, etc.)

In addition to cooling, this model also comes with a heater. This is a nice addition that we are seeing more often on portable air conditioners, and one that will certainly pay off in the winter.


Hose Design

This unit uses a single hose exhaust design. As we’ve discussed elsewhere, this is not quite as efficient as a dual-hose setup, all other things being equal. However, as we discuss below, the AC-14100H boasts a very good EER score, so this mitigates to some extent the loss of efficiency with the single hose exhaust system.

Drain System

The NewAir AC-14100H use a modern auto or self-evaporation system that dries off condensate as it forms so that, in most cases, you never need to manually drain it. But, as we have said many times for many similar units, auto-evaporation can often still result in significant accumulation of water in areas with higher humidity – so check the drainage bucket from time to time regardless!

Size & Portability

Measuring 15.90 inches long, 16.50 inches wide and 31.10 inches high, the AC-14100H is actually quite compact compared to most 14000 BTU portable ACs we’ve reviewed. Likewise, at just 63 pounds in weight, it’s about 10-15 pounds lighter than most others in its spec class as well. As a result, it’s definitely more portable than most “portable” air conditioners with this much power.

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Noise Level

We don’t yet have any reliable decibel figures for this model, but, as we discuss below, at least one purchaser indicated that the NewAir operated quietly. By the way, if you want our opinion on the most quiet AC unit you can find, click here.


The AC-14100H has an Energy Efficiency Ratio (“EER”) of 9.88. This is very good, as we normally like to see these scores around 10.0 or higher if possible. As you may already know, this ratio is a product of BTUs divided by wattage, so the higher the number the better. Most portable ACs fall somewhere between 8 and 10.0, so this model is actually quite energy efficient, which will pay off in the long run in the form of a more reasonable electricity bill.

NewAir AC-14100H Other Features

  • Digital controls/LCD display
  • dehumidifier
  • Programmable timer
  • Sleep mode
  • R-410A refrigerant with no CFCs
  • cools and heats
  • Air filter
  • Carbon filter (odor control)
  • Remote control
  • window kit/exhaust hose
  • uses eco-friendly refrigerants
  • 3-speed fan

NewAir AC-14100H Reviews

So far the NewAir AC-14100H has scored a perfect 5 out of 5 stars, albeit this is based on only 3 reviews. Each of these happy purchaser’s comments can be summed up by the following excerpts from their actual reviews:

  • “I never comment much about items I order but this air conditioner is well worth the money.”
  • “Wonderful portable AC….Would recommend this product.”
  • “Quiet and easy set up….Top notch.”

We don’t have much to add here! So far, so good.

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Price & Value

At its current sales price of $550, the AC-14100H is a good deal for a 14000 BTU portable air conditioner with commercial-grade components that also comes with a heater. Indeed, if you only want an air conditioner – with no heat – you can probably find something similar for about $25-$50 less. For an idea of what options there are in the upper range BTU models, check out our Comparison Guide.

Pros & Cons


  • Lots of cooling power
  • Comes with a heater
  • Great modern controls/LCD display
  • Commercial-grade components
  • Auto-evaporation feature
  • Somewhat smaller/lighter than other similarly-rated units
  • Perfect user satisfaction ratings (at the time of this writing)


  • a bit expensive if you don’t want the heater function

NewAir AC-14100H Concluding Thoughts & Opinions

If you need it, we think that buying a portable air conditioner that has a heater is the most cost- effective purchase, in the long run. And in that vein, we think that the NewAir AC-14100H is one of the best options out there right now – it has commercial grade components; is energy efficient; comes with modern controls and features; it’s relatively light and compact; and it currently has a perfect 5-star consumer satisfaction rating.

On the other hand, if you are certain that you don’t want or don’t need a heater, you might be able to spend a little less and get the same cooling power. But, as you will see, most units in the 14000 BTU range are very expensive anyway, so, any savings by going with a cooling-only option are relatively modest.

As a result, whether you need the heater feature or not, we think the NewAir AC-14100H is a good bet for most users seeking to cool a space of approximately 525 square feet.

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