Lorex LW2450 LIVE Video Baby Monitor Review

Lorex LW2450 LIVE Video Baby Monitor ReviewThe Lorex LW2450 LIVE Video Baby Monitor with Pan/Tilt Wireless Camera is an impressive model that we think provides a ton of features and technology for the price.  Among other things, this monitor offers Skype remote viewing; great night vision; 2-way talk; temperature monitoring; and a very versatile tilt/pan camera that is high-quality and easy to control.  For more information about the Lorex LIVE and what we and others think about it, please keep reading.

Lorex LW2450 LIVE Specifications

The Lorex LW2450LIVE Sense PT is a powerful new monitoring system that uses a very nimble camera that boasts a 240-degree pan and 130-degree tilt that allows you many potential viewing angles to catch your baby, pets, or any other object you want to track down and keep an eye on.  Moreover, the camera is easily manipulated via the 4-way controller on the monitor.

Lorex LW2450 LIVE Video Baby Monitor - high quality tilt/pan cameraThe unit’s hand-held monitor comes with a 3.5 inch color LCD display, and the internal, rechargeable lithium-ion battery will last for about 4.5 hours on a single charge, assuming the monitor is left on and running continuously.

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And in addition to a wide range of movement, this camera is equipped with modern features.  It comes with automatic night vision that allows viewing up to 13 feet away from the camera in complete darkness. It also automatically compensates for low light conditions by switching from color to black and white display.  Also very important is the Lorex’s 2-way talk feature, which keeps an open line of communication between your baby, puppy or anyone/anything else that you happen to be watching.  Finally, you can record images to an internal SD card (purchased separately).

Remote connectivity is also a big selling point of this monitoring system. You can view video with various devices, such as a PC, iPad, iPhone or Android.  And it couldn’t be easier to do – just hook up your monitor to your computer with the included USB cable and enjoy remote viewing from any location worldwide with Skype!

Lorex LW2450 LIVE Video Baby Monitor - color monitor with split screenAnd for a quiet night’s sleep, just switch the system to audio-only monitoring with sound activated recording and sound-level indicator lights. This both avoids the disturbing glow of the video monitor and conserves battery life so you can monitor longer on each charge – while remaining aware of every stir of your baby throughout the night.  Further, this monitor comes with a handy temperature sensor that provides real-time room temperature information to ensure that conditions are comfortable for your child or other loved one.

As far as the signal used by this system, the Lorex employs a private, secure wireless transmission with a “Frequency-Hopping Spread Spectrum,” which is designed to prevent anyone from intercepting the information sent between the camera and monitor. The system has a reported range of 450 feet outdoors and 150 feet indoors.

Expandability is an important consideration, particularly if your family is still growing.  This system can be fitted with up to 4 cameras, so you can monitor several rooms at once.  In addition, these cameras can be viewed simultaneously with a split screen function or you can switch between particular cameras independently or with a “scan” mode that rotates through them automatically.

Lorex LW2450 LIVE Video Baby Monitor ReviewsLorex LW2450 LIVE Video Baby Monitor Reviews

The Lorex LW2450 currently boasts an impressive average user satisfaction rating of 4.2 out of 5.0 stars based on a total of 23 reviews to date on amazon.com.  Users are very happy with the large LCD screen, excellent video and the remarkable range and versatility of the tilt/pan camera.  Several users also commented on how much they loved the temperature sensor and the remote connectivity. Finally, many people stated that this was the “best monitor” they had ever used, particular considering its relatively affordable price and generous feature set.

The negative remarks among these reviews focused mainly on the unit’s less than perfect audio quality, which some users found to be in stark contrast to the great video.  Others thought that the monitor’s battery life of 4.5 hours was a bit overstated, as was the color rendering of the images, and some users found the Skype connection feature to be a bit tedious to set up.

Buy the Lorex LW2450 LIVE Video Baby Monitor Concluding Thoughts & Opinions

Whether you are considering a video monitor for your child, or simply to keep a watchful eye around the home, the Lorex LW2450 LIVE is a great choice, which combines a powerful tilt/pan camera; a 2-way intercom; and many other handy features that, quite frankly, we rarely see together in a package this affordable.  As such, for most consumers and users, we believe this model should easily meet or exceed expectations.

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