Lorex LNR282C4B Review

Lorex LNR282C4BIf you’ve got a home, business or any other residential or commercial area that needs a turnkey surveillance system, then the Lorex LNR282C4B 8 Channel Full HD PoE NVR Security System with 2TB Hard Drive and 4 HD 1080p Cameras may be just what you are looking for. For much more information about this powerful and modern surveillance package, please keep reading.

Lorex LNR282C4B Specifications

Network Video Recorder: The 8-channel NVR unit that comes with this package is outstanding, and allows real-time Full HD recording at 30 frames per second on each channel and at 1080P Resolution. And lots of video data can be stored on the included 2 TB cycle hard disc drive, which can be expanded for even more storage up to 8TB.

This NVR also boasts 1080p HDMI output resolution (and VGA)  that allows quick  connection to modern HDTVs (an HDMI cable is provided). Numerous playback options are available to, such as zoom, playback, and simultaneous live view and playback using a split screen.

Video Cameras: No less impressive are the (4) cameras included with the LNR282C4B. Each captures video in full 1080p HD and at 30 frames per second and compresses data using state-of-the-art H.264 technology that allows the 2TB drive to hold even more video compared to other formats.

Lorex LNR282C4B camera1Notably, these cameras also have numerous picture enhancing features, such as:

  • Digital-Wide Dynamic Range Backlight Compensation, which compensates for picture quality loss that can occur where highly contrasting bright/dark areas are within the camera’s field/frame view.
  • Frame-to-frame Digital Noise Reduction and Spatial Noise Reduction, all of which provides a much sharper, true to life image that also facilitates more effective motion detection
  • Automatic Infrared Filter for precise color rendering in variable lighting levels.
  • True Day/Night adjustment, which triggers the cameras to start filming in black & white to heighten picture clarity when light levels are low
  • 150-foot night vision in dim conditions and up to 100ft vision in complete darkness

Finally, the cameras are preconfigured for straightforward IP management for remote surveillance; are constructed with heavy duty weatherproof  IP66-rated aluminum camera housings for outdoor and indoor use; incorporate vandal-proof camera brackets; and use Cat5 Power over Ethernet (“PoE”) cables that eliminate need for separate power/data cables (100ft cables for each camera included).

Lorex LNR282C4B NVRConnectivity: If you like to surveil your home/business remotely, you will be pleased with this system’s connection features. It comes with Instant Mobile Viewing that works with most smartphones; various apps, including dedicated iPad and Android apps that permit  multi-channel live viewing/playback; free LOREX DDNS (Dynamic Domain Name Service) for additional remote connectivity flexibility; and both PC (Windows 8, 7) and Mac compatible client software.  As such, whether you just want to have a look while you are away, or receive instant e-mail alerts with video capture attachments with even links, you can stay connected to your home or business 24/7.

Lorex LNR282C4B reviewsLorex LNR282C4B Reviews

This product currently has no reviews on amazon.com; however, Lorex reports a total of 78 user reviews for a 4.4 out of 5 average satisfaction rating as of the date of this writing, most of which are 5-star.

These users reported amazement at the video quality and power/features of the system; they also noted that the connection software was reasonably straightforward to use. Although many user admitted that they were still struggling to learn and utilize all of its features and were a bit overwhelmed. With a system with this much to offer, we are not surprised!

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Concluding Thoughts & Opinions

There are many complete surveillance system packages on the market today, but few with as much power, quality and features as the Lorex LNR282C4BMoreover, it’s priced right as well – buying an 8-channel full 1080P, 2TB NVR and (4) full 1080p cameras with so much picture-enhancing technology separately would cost you much more than the package price of this system. In addition, given Lorex’s prominence in this field, this is also a good choice as your purchase will come with very good customer support in the likely event you need help with setup or configuring the system!

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