LG Electronics LP1214GXR Review

LG Electronics LP1214GXR ReviewFor a new 12,000 BTU model, we like the LG Electronics LP1214GXR 115-volt Portable Air Conditioner with LCD Remote Control. This portable unit is good for most rooms up to 400 square feet in area and brings unusual energy efficiency and some nice creature comforts that most users will appreciate. But what else should you know before considering a purchase? Please keep reading as we take a closer look at the LP 1214GXR and provide our own candid thoughts and impressions on its overall value.

Cooling Power

The LG LP1214GXR is a 12,000 BTU model that is best suited for rooms up to around 400 square feet in area. Keep in mind that this figure assumes that the room does not have particularly high ceilings, large windows, or contains heat-generating equipment. “Heat Factors” such as these will typically reduce the coverage area of any AC unit. Conversely, interior rooms with lots of insulation are much easier to cool.

Exhaust Hose Design

Portable air conditioners come in two basic exhaust types –  single or dual hose systems. Single hose systems are slightly less efficient than dual hose models because they must use interior air to cool off the compressor. A dual hose unit has a vent loop that pulls outside air for this purpose.

While single hose systems are inherently somewhat less efficient, a high overall Energy Efficiency Ratio (“EER”), which we will discuss more below, can greatly mitigate such efficiency loss (which is the case here). In addition, single hose systems are virtually always significantly less expensive than dual hose portable air conditioners.

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Size & Portability

Portable air conditioners tend to be large and bulky, which ironically makes them less than truly portable in most cases. However, the LG Electronics LP1214GXR is fairly compact considering its power, measuring 14.33 inches in width, 32.76 inches in height, and 15.59 inches in depth.

Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is a big selling point for many portable units, and the LP1214GXR is a good example of a relatively efficient model. This unit’s Energy Efficiency Ratio (aka “EER”) – the product of an air conditioner’s BTUs divided by wattage – is a 9.5. Any score around 10 is good, with higher values being even better. Thus, despite this unit coming in a single hose exhaust, the good energy efficiency of this model helps mitigate this to some extent.

Operating Noise Levels

If there is one thing that is a constant source of irritation for consumers, it’s noise. We can’t tell you how many models get dinged for this. The good news is that the LG LP1214GXR is a fairly quiet running option that is rated to produce just 56 decibels of sound. Of course, this is definitely enough to hear the unit running in the same room, but should be very tolerable for most users. Please keep in mind that any portable air conditioner will be audible when operating – unlike a window unit, the compressor and all moving parts (which make sound) must remain completely within your room!

LG Electronics LP1214GXR - modern styling and features.Other Features

  • 1.2 pint/hour dehumidifier function
  • 3 fan speeds
  • Oscillating louvers
  • Remote control
  • Auto restart
  • Washable air filter
  • LED display
  • Window vent kit
  • Water full indicator
  • Rolling casters

LG Electronics LP1214GXR User Reviews

As a newer model, the LP1214GXR currently has only one review on amazon.com; however it is a 5-star review. This user indicated satisfaction with this model’s cooling power and overall build quality. In addition, this individual confirmed that the sound it produced was noticeable but not obtrusive.

Price & Value

At the time of this writing, the LP1214GXR is selling for around $400. While you may find this steep, it is a fairly average price for a 12,000 BTU portable in our experience, and this model’s newer technology and design makes it a reasonable buy compared to other single-hose models in its class.

Pros & Cons


  • Decent energy efficiency
  • Contemporary design
  • Solid build
  • Relatively compact
  • Good cooling power & performance
  • Quality remote control
  • Operating noise is tolerable
  • Affordable for a 12K BTU portable


  • Single hose exhaust system not quite as efficient as dual hose model

Buyt the LG Electronics LP1214GXR!Concluding Thoughts & Opinions

LG makes some very nice home appliances, and the LG Electronics LP1214GXR is a good example of this dedication to quality. This is a solidly-built portable air conditioner that is a good choice for most rooms up to 400 square feet in size. Moreover, although it uses a somewhat less efficient single hose exhaust, this allows you to save some money on the purchase price – and this unit’s good 9.5 EER does mitigate some of this efficiency loss as well. Finally, the modern design, controls and full function remote add a certain level of sophistication and user convenience that many other models in this range do not. Consequently, we feel this is an all-around good deal that is a smart choice for fighting back the heat in the home or office.

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