Levana Ovia Review

Levana Ovia ReviewThe Ovia is Levana’s latest and greatest video baby monitor system to hit the market.  And at first sight, this monitor does seem to provide a large, bright picture with a cutting edge tilt/pan camera.  But is it worth the stiff price tag?  Read on to learn more about this monitor and hear to what others are saying about its value.

Levana Ovia Specifications

LCD Monitor and Touch Pad Controls:  This system comes with a fairly large, 4.3-inch LCD monitoring screen that provides a generous picture of your child, so you can capture a large field of view or zoom down to catch lots of detail. And manipulating the picture is quite intuitive with the monitor’s touch panel controls, which are guided by simple icons in the options menu.

With a full charge, the monitor is reported to remain “active” for over 24 hours without recharging. However, this presumes you are using the Ovia’s power-saving “PEEP” setting, which will turn on the monitor when it detects noise, so you can be alerted once your child has awakened, while rationing battery power when your baby is sound asleep. In contrast, without initiating the PEEP function, or when in constant use, the monitor will last for roughly 5 hours on a charge.

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Levana Ovia - high-quality tilt/pan/zoom cameraCamera Functions & Features: One of the greatest features of the Ovia is the high-quality pan/tilt/zoom camera, which allows you to remotely adjust and fix on various locations with ease.  Specifically, this cam permits 270-degree horizontal adjustment with a 110-degree vertical tilt.  Further, with 2x zoom magnification, you can observe your baby’s expression and other fine details. The unit also comes with a micro SD card that can store photos and videos, which you can then transfer to your PC, thereby allowing you to capture important moments.  This camera uses Levana’s exclusive “ClearVu” signal system that is designed to eliminate interference or signal loss, and has a 750-foot operting range.

This camera is also equipped with a series of infrared LEDs that turn on automatically when light levels drop, thus providing night vision up to a distance of 15 feet in total darkness.

2-Way Talk Capability:  Like most modern systems, the Ovia allows you to both ear and communicate with your baby via a two-way intercom feature. This is always a nice touch, and provides your child gentle reassurance that mom and dad are close by.

LED Sound Level Meter: The Ovia comes with a very handy “Smart LED Indicator.”  This consists of a series of colored LEDs that illuminate based on how loud you baby is crying or screaming (e.g., blue = a whisper and red = yelling) – essentially a visual indicator of sound pressure level.  This is useful for times when you have the monitor set to mute or there is lots of ambient noise in your surroundings that might otherwise muffle sounds coming through the monitor.

Expandability:  Expandability is always a nice feature, especially for those with growing families.  The Ovia can support a total of four cameras for a single monitor. And viewing all four is easy – simply activate the 4-way split screen feature to monitor each simultaneously on the same screen; or if you prefer, you can rotate between individual feeds.

Levana Ovia Reviews & RatingsLevana Ovia Reviews & Ratings

As a very new release, the Ovia only has 5 reviews on amazon.com at the time of this writing.  However, they are all 5-star. One reviewer noted, “The picture quality is better than I would have expected.” Another commented,  “The Intercom and the recording features are really awesome and I wish I had this when my kids were babies.”  Most of the reviewers were a bit startled that this unit does not come with instructions, however.  Nevertheless, as one user stated, “Levana is easy to set up, no in box directions, jus truck on over to the website.”

Based on the quality and sophistication of the Ovia – and the popularity Levana’s monitors generally – we expect this 5-star trend to continue.

Concluding Thoughts & Opinions

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The Levana Ovia combines all of the most cutting-edge features in video baby monitors and combines them into one powerful package.  Whether you are monitoring an infant, toddler, or something else entirely (one reviewer used them on a prized goat collection!), the Ovia will deliver outstanding video, 2-way communication, and comes chock-full of innovative features that we are certain you will grow to love.  In particular, we are big fans of the tilt/pan camera that comes with this unit – once you go from a fixed to an adjustable cam of this quality, you will not want to go back.

And while this is not an inexpensive video monitor by any means, given the quality of the camera, monitor and intercom you get with the Ovia, we think it actually delivers great value relative to the class.

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