Keystone KSTAP14A Review

Keystone KSTAP14A ReviewSingle-hose portable air conditioners tend to be less expensive, but are definitely not as energy “optimized” as similarly-rated dual-hose exhaust units. However, as we’ve said before, hoses don’t tell the whole story. For example, the Keystone KSTAP14A is a single hose air conditioner that overcomes its handicap by scoring huge in terms of energy efficiency – making it as efficient or more efficient than many dual hose models we’ve seen. But that’s not all it does well. Please read our in-depth review for more information and our candid thoughts about this product.

Cooling Power

Although you may see it listed as a 14000 BTU air conditioner, the Keystone KSTAP14A is in fact a 13,500 BTU model, which can theoretically cover an area of up to 650, if optimal conditions exist in the room to be cooled, such as good insulation, low ceilings, few or no sunny windows, no significant heat-generating equipment, etc.  As such, in most circumstances, a coverage area of between 450-550 square feet is probably more realistic.


Exhaust Hose Design

This is a single hose model. Although we generally prefer dual hose air conditioners for their greater efficiency, as we discuss below, the KSTAP14A scores huge in terms of its energy efficiency ratio, which largely mitigates the inherent loss of efficiency with the single hose system.

Condensate Drain System

Keystone advertises this as a “no bucket” design which we understand as referring to an auto-evaporation system that dries off condensate before it accumulates, thereby eliminating manual condensate removal under most circumstances. However, as we always warn with these self-evaporating models, in very humid conditions condensate can still accumulate so be prepared to check the unit every once and while to ensure that it is evaporating.

Size & Portability

Relative to other similarly-powered models, the KSTAP14A is of average size and weight, measuring 19-1/4″ by 15-5/8″ by 32″ and tipping the scales at 75 pounds. Thank heavens for rolling casters!

Energy Efficiency

This is one aspect in which the KSTAP14A really shines. We often talk about Energy Efficiency Ratios (“EERs”) – i.e., the product of BTUs divided by wattage. Higher numbers are better, and any EER of 10 is great, with anything above that being even better. Most models are lucky to reach 10.5 or 10.8, but the KSTAP14A registers an outstanding 12.0!  In our view, this largely compensates for any inefficiencies associated with its single-hose design and makes this an overall very inexpensive air conditioner to operate.

Noise Levels

Noise is a very subjective measure, and even the most quiet models out there draw some complaints about being “noisy.”  However, we believe these will be few and far between with this particular model, since it’s reported to produce between 47-53 decibels of sound during operation. These are quite low numbers, especially on the low fan speed, and means that this would be a good option for bedroom room use.

Keystone KSTAP14A "Follow Me" remote

Other Features

  • “Follow Me” remote control
  • Air filter
  • Three fan speeds
  • electronic controls
  • LED display
  • Turbo cooling mode
  • Automatic restart
  • Rolling casters
  • Full one-year warranty

Keystone KSTAP14A Reviews

The KSTAP14A is fairly new, but already has the honor of receiving an average satisfaction rating of 4 out of 5 stars  based on 4 reviews Here are some actual comments made in these reviews that give you an idea of what people thought about this model:

  • The unit itself runs great, looks very nice, not too ridiculously loud in the auto-mode….
  • This unit works extremely well for us. It is quieter than several of the other models i have used in the past and the there is no need to drain the unit unless you are dehumidifying….”
  • This thing ROCKS!! My husband got it set up pretty easily and after only a few minutes I could feel it start to cool off upstairs – even with the door open! I love the “white noise” it makes as it is comparable to our air purifier and not too loud.”

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Price & Value

Currently selling for approximately $440, we think the KSTAP14A provides great bang for your buck. Moreover, with its high EER of 12.0, you will also be saving money on your utility bill over the life of this unit.

Pros & Cons


  • Great cooling power
  • “Follow Me” remote control
  • Very high energy efficiency
  • Low noise rating
  • Good reviews
  • Inexpensive


  • Single hose system not as ideal as dual hose exhaust

Concluding Thoughts & Opinions

For beating back hot weather, the Keystone KSTAP14A is a 5-star choice in our view. Why? It has lots of BTUs, great features, is relatively quiet, and is very reasonably-priced. In addition, while it is a single-hose model, it’s outstanding 12.0 EER makes as efficient – or more efficient – than many dual hose systems out there.

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