Hanover HANAD70A Review

Hanover HANAD70AHanover HANAD70A Specifications

The Hanover HANAD70A checks all of the most important boxes in terms of design and features. It comes with a large 2.6 gallon  front-access condensate tank with water level indicator; a continuous (gravity) drain option; has good electronic controls and an LED display; and also has automatic defrost and automatic restart. In addition, this model comes with “turbo  setting” setting to speed up the initial drying out process, along with an air filter.

Like most newer models, this one is energy efficient and has earned an Energy Star rating.

It’s also relatively portable for a 70-pint model, with dimensions of 15-1/2″W x 24-1/2″H x 12-3/4″D and rolling casters for easier mobility.

Noise level ratings are typical 55 – 58 decibels.

Notably, this model is backed a better-than-average full 2-year warrant on labor and parts.


Hanover HANAD70A Reviews & Ratings

Hanover HANAD70A ReviewsAs a newcomer to the 70-pint scene, the HANAD70A currently has just one review on amazon.com – but it’s 5-star! This is what this happy customer reported in this review:

  • “I love this de-humidifier. It’s in our basement and works tirelessly. It moves to different speeds on its own. It is noisy, but for the work it’s doing, I can accept the noise!!”

Considering this model’s average sound level rating, we are not surprised to see this reviewer consider it “noisy.” As we’ve discussed before, sound is a very subjective variable and there is virtually no model on the market that everyone agrees is “quiet” – there are just too many moving parts in these units for that. However, we think the majority of consumers will find the HANAD70A sound level to be tolerable, especially if the unit is dedicated to basement use.

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Price & Value

With a $200 MSRP, this model is priced very competitively compared to other 70-pint models, even without any discounted price. And with the respect to other economy-oriented choices, perhaps the significant edge the HANAD70A has over its rivals is its full 2-year warranty. Dehumidifiers are notorious for breaking down prematurely, so it definitely pays to buy a quality unit – and/or one backed by a meaningful warranty!

For a better idea of how the Hanover compares in terms of basic specifications and current price, check out our Dehumidifier Comparison Buying Guide.

Hanover HANAD70AConcluding Thoughts & Opinions

With just one review to date, it’s a bit too early to say how reliable the Hanover HANAD70A will turn out to be. However, it’s got great specs, is very powerful and comes packed with a lot of features for a model that’s retailing for just $200. Moreover, even though it doesn’t have a long track record of reviews, it does have an impressive full 2-year warranty, which should provide an added level of comfort for those deciding to give this one a try.

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