Electrolux UltraActive Turbo Review

Electrolux UltraActive Turbo ReviewA quality, affordable canister vacuum that is convenient to use around your home can be difficult to find. Smaller vacuums that pride themselves on convenience seem to lack power or reliability. On the other hand, finding a vacuum with strong suction power  usually means a vacuum that is large and clunky. However, the Electrolux UltraActive Turbo Canister Vacuum EL4325A offers a rare blend of compactness, toughness, and power, making it an ideal vacuum for any sized home, no matter the surface area you are looking to clean.

Electrolux UltraActive Turbo Specifications

The Electrolux UltraActive Turbo uses a True Cyclonic Separation System and a 12-amp motor, which makes it very potent for cleaning hardwood floors or high-pile carpeting. Its power head also provides for a more deep clean than that found in other vacuums. Ultimately, this means covering more space in less time. Aside form floors, this canister vacuum is also great on curtains, lightweight fabrics, bookshelves, and even furniture. Furthermore, its size and frame make it easy to reach into small crevices and corners, giving your entire home a deeper and more powerful clean. The Electrolux UltraActive Electrolux UltraActive Turbo Canister Vacuum - Easy StorageTurbo also comes with a bagless canister that is easy to remove and empty.

In addition to power, efficiency and versatility, this canister vacuum comes with a modern HEPA filtration unit.  This level of filtration is outstanding for minimizing very fine suspended particulate matter than can prove unhealthy or potentially dangerous to individuals who suffer from asthma or allergies.  Also noteworthy is that this HEPA filter is washable – so you can reuse it and avoid having to purchase costly replacements, as is required with most other HEPA-enabled units.

Finally, the Electrolux UltraActive Turbo offers a practical ergonomic design. The base of the unit can roll around behind you when moving from room to room, but you can also stand it up when you need a more solid base. Furthermore, when you need to store the unit, you can put the base back in the rolling position and the wand and hose will wrap around the entire device. This convenience gives you the compact storage options of a smaller vacuum, with the power and strength that you would expect from an Electrolux.

Electrolux UltraActive Turbo Reviews

Electrolux UltraActive Turbo Canister Vacuum ReviewsThe Electrolux UltraActive Turbo Canister Vacuum has thus far received outstanding positive feedback. Out of 25 reviews on Amazon.com to date, the Electrolux Ultra Active has an average rating of 4.6 out-of 5 stars.

Among the overwhelmingly positive reviews, one user stated that he had four Electrolux vacuums and that this was the favorite. Other reviewers indicated that the UltraActive Turbo is more quiet than older models and benefited from the newly updated wand, which they found easier to use and more durable. Another reviewer, who gave the Electrolux 5-stars, praised the vacuum for having a retractable chord that makes things more convenient when cleaning around the house.

In addition to convenience, relatively quiet operation and thoughtful ergonomics, users commended this canister vacuum for not only performing on bare/hard floors, but also handling carpeting with ease.  This is important, as many canister models struggle with carpeting in our experience.

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Electrolux UltraActive Turbo Canister Vacuum - Easy Dust DisposalPrice and Value

At the time of this writing, consumers looking to purchase an Electrolux UltraActive Turbo can find this vacuum for around $399. We think this is a great deal for the quality that this modern and well-appointed canister vacuum provides. If you are looking for a quality vacuum that you can expect to use for years to come, they don’t come cheap, no matter the brand.  However, Electrolux is known for providing very well-built vacuums that are often considerably less expensive than the typical high end brand names, like Miele for instance. We think Electrolux has offered great value once again with the UltraActive Turbo.

Concluding Thoughts & Opinions

The Electrolux UltraActive Turbo Canister Vacuum EL4325A is highly recommended. In our view, its ergonomic design makes it one of the most convenient and easy-to-use vacuums available. Furthermore, with its 12-amp’s worth of suction power, this canister is perfect not just for handling typical hard surfaces, but also for high/low pile carpets and other more difficult applications.

Finally, this is a very quiet vacuum and the washable HEPA filter will not only scrub the air as you work, but will save you considerable money in the long run by avoiding costly filter replacements. Overall, an easy 5-star option in our book.

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