Electrolux ErgoSpace EL4100A Canister Vacuum Review

Electrolux ErgoSpace EL4100A Canister Vacuum ReviewElectrolux is at it again with its ErgoSpace EL4100A, an affordable, compact and very powerful canister vacuum that combines advanced HEPA filtration and versatile cleaning tools that make it a great alternative to some of the top-tier names that run several hundred dollars more. But what is different about this mode? And what do actual users say about its performance and value?  Please keep reading for answers and our take on this new canister model.

Electrolux ErgoSpace EL4100A Canister Vacuum Specifications

Don’t be fooled by the size of this tiny vacuum. The 13 lb. Electrolux ErgoSpace canister vacuum, with its 12 amps of power, packs a mighty punch. Its powerful, quiet motor and dust magnet floor nozzle work great on bare floors, but it also comes with a full-size carpet nozzle for low pile carpets. This tiny vacuum is packed with convenient features. It has a cleaning path of 10 inches, and the combination of the 21-inch cord, nine-inch hose, and telescopic wands give you a reach of up to 34 feet. The long cord and hose allow for a single plug-in for small apartments or condos. The cord rewinds automatically, saving you the hassle of wrapping it up yourself, and the hose easily wraps up around the canister for easy storage in tight spaces. The 3-in-1 versatile aero tool is stored on the canister and includes a crevice tool, a dusting tool and an upholstery tool. It’s installed with HEPA filtration that captures 99.97% of dust and irritants. The patented s-bag traps dust and allergens and features a closure tab for hygienic disposal. The bagged canister has a dust capacity of 2 quarts, and the electronic dust bag indicator lets you know when the bag needs to be replaced.

Electrolux ErgoSpace EL4100A Canister Vacuum Reviews

Electrolux ErgoSpace EL4100A Canister Vacuum ReviewsThe average Amazon customer rating is 4.33 stars. Five out of six customers who reviewed the vacuum gave it 5 stars, and one customer rated it 1 star because she received a defective product and had difficulty returning it or getting it repaired. The positive reviews note that the machine is lightweight and easy to carry up stairs. One customer even carried it up a 10 foot ladder without “breaking his neck.” Other positive comments state that the motor is very quiet, so much so that a customer was able to carry on a conversation while using it. Customers agree that the vacuum cleans well, especially on hardwood floors, stairs, and blinds, and the suction is powerful. One customer did say that the on/off button is in an inconvenient place and would prefer it to be on the handle.

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Price and Value

While it lists at $399, at a current asking price of $239.99, shoppers agree that this vacuum is a good value for the money. Customer reviews tout brand loyalty to Electrolux, stating that this is the second or third Electorlux vacuum they have purchased. They also indicate that this model performs as well as other similarly priced vacuums.

Electrolux ErgoSpace EL4100A Canister Vacuum Concluding Thoughts and Opinions

We recommend the ErgoSpace EL4100A for a variety for a few reasons. First off, customers who own this machine agree that it lives up to the manufacturer’s description. Further, its low weight, small size, convenient tools, and impressive cleaning power make it easily worth the going asking price. Finally, its compact design makes it particularly attractive for condo or apartment dwellers, or anyone living in a small space given how compact and easy to store this vacuum is. Yet, regardless how large or small the home, if you buy this vacuum we are confident you will agree that this tiny, strong vacuum proves the old adage that good things do come in small packages.

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