Edgestar AP10002BL 10000 BTU Portable AC Review

EdgeStar AP10002BL ReviewThe cliche that good things come in small packages usually does not  – but should apply to portable air conditioners. Probably the most noteworthy thing about the Edgestar AP10002BL is its very compact design, but there are other things that you should be aware of too, like its very low price for the cooling power you get from this model. But, alas, not everything is perfect about this air conditioner, so please read the rest of our in-depth review to learn more, including what we thing about it.

Cooling Power & Coverage

With 10,000 BTUs, the Edgestar AP10002BL Portable Air Conditioner can theoretically cover a maximum area of 450 square feet. However, this assumes optimal conditions, such as good insulation, little or no sun exposure, average ceiling height, etc. Therefore, if these assumptions don’t apply to you, a coverage area of 350 square feet is probably more realistic. And, 0f course, if you are cooling a south-facing room that has little or no insulation, then you can cut this figure in half!

Hose Design

The AP10002BL uses a single vent hose, which means that it will pull some air from indoors. As we’ve said before, all things being equal, a dual hose design is preferable. However, dual hose systems are significantly more expensive in most cases. And given the budget-friendliness of this air conditioner, we are not surprised to see it being sold with a single hose design.

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Drain System

All portable ACs create condensate that must be removed. The AP10002BL uses a auto-evaporative system that, in most cases, will evaporate off this condensate so you never need to manually drain it. However, in some circumstances where environmental humidity is particularly high, condensate may accumulate – that’s why we always recommend checking the drain pan periodically, regardless whether the unit is an auto-drain system!

EdgeStar AP10002BLSize & Portability

This is where the EdgeStar AP10002BL really shines. This AC unit is tiny for a 10000 BTU air conditioner! Specifically, it measures 30 11/16 inches high, 13 3/8 inches wide and 15 1/2 inches deep. According to EdgeStar, this is the smallest footprint 10000 BTU portable AC unit there is. Regardless whether this is actually true, this is easily one of the most ultra-compact designs we’ve seen, making it well-suited for any room where space is tight.

In terms of weight, it’s not exactly feather-light, but it is among the lightest 10000 BTU air conditioners available at just 52 pounds. But you will most likely be rolling this thing on its casters rather than picking it up anyway.

Noise Level

At just 49 dB at low and 53 dB on high, the EdgeStar is a wonderfully quiet air conditioner. This is a great thing, especially if you intend to use this model in your bedroom.

Edgestar AP10002BLWindow Kit

This unit comes with a simple window kit that can accommodate an opening of up to 64 inches. And a single 48 inch long exhaust is provided, along with some weather stripping to prevent air leakage.

Energy Efficiency

Dividing its BTUs by its 1120 watt power consumption, the EdgeStar comes in with an Energy Efficiency Ratio (“EER”) of 8.9. Normally, we like to see this number higher, approaching or exceeding 10 preferably. But coming close to a 9 is not bad, and is fairly typical for most portable ACs.

Other Features

  • 61 pt/day dehumidifier
  • 3 fan speeds
  • Full function remote control
  • Auto restart
  • 24 hour programmable timer
  • Meets RoHS health standards
  • Directional air louvers
  • Washable pre-filter & carbon filter for odor control
  • Digital thermostat with 61—86 degree Fahrenheit working range
  • uses eco-friendly CFC-free refrigerants

EdgeStar AP10002BL 10000 BTU Portable AC Reviews

This model is fairly new, with only 5 user reviews thus far. Nevertheless, it has already earned an average score of 3.4 out of 5 stars.

Most reviews were very positive, and three of them 5-star. In fact, one of these reviewers commented, “i love being cold and this is the best a/c unit i ever bought you will not be disappointed.”

Among the only two negative reviews, one user apparently received a defective unit; and the other indicated that this model was ugly, not very small and required continuous draining.

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Price & Value

Again, this is a high point for the EdgeStar. Currently selling for $290, this is a very inexpensive portable air conditioner – in fact it’s an outlier! Most well-rated units with this much power go for $400 or more. Don’t believe us – please check out our Comparison Guide, which compares 25 of the most highly-rated portable conditioners on Amazon.com.  When you do, you will see that this model is an exceptional bargain.

Overall Pros & Cons


  • unusually compact and lightweight for a 10000 BTU model
  • runs quietly
  • extremely inexpensive (at the moment) for its BTU rating
  • comes with good controls
  • good dehumidifier function


  • single hose design inherently less efficient than dual hose types
  • 8.9 EER is fairly average
  • may need manual condensate draining in high humidity environments
  • not particularly attractive

Concluding Thoughts & Opinions

EdgeStar AP10002BLAt the moment, the Edgestar AP10002BL is a great deal in our opinion, especially if either a compact size or an ultra-affordable 10000 BTU air conditioner interest you.

Indeed, based on value alone, we’d have to give this model 5-stars. As we said above, there is virtually no other well-rated unit that comes close to providing this kind of power at such a low price. Thus, if this aggressive pricing remains, the EdgeStar is hard to beat for an unusually cost-effective choice.

Likewise, if you are concerned about space, this model is also a good bet. And while its color scheme may not be flattering or make it a beautiful thing to look at, it’s small enough to be tucked away unobtrusively, or at the very least, take up less of your floor space. As a result, we think that the Edgestar AP10002BL is a very smart and affordable option relative to its class.

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