Dyna-Glo Bronze Review

Dyna-Glo Bronze ReviewIf you’ve done any serious searching for a larger, powerful 4-burner grill, you are probably aware that they can be very expensive.  However, there is one particular model available at the moment that we think is virtually unmatched in terms of maximizing grilling space and power for your buck.  We are talking about the Dyna-Glo Bronze 60,000 BTU 4-Burner Propane Gas Grill with Side Burner.  For much more information about this popular and highly-rated model, including what others are saying about it, please keep reading.

Dyna-Glo Bronze Specifications

Capacity:  the Dyna-Glo Bronze is a fairly large grill, with a total of 666 square inches of grilling surface area.  In case you can’t put this into perspective, this is enough room for cooking up to 44 burgers at one time!  Needless to say, this is a great option for accommodating very large families and throwing sizable backyard BBQ parties.

Dyna-Glo Bronze - Side BurnerCookbox:  this is an extremely powerful grilling system, probably more so than anything else in it’s price range.  Specifically, the Bronze puts out 60,000 BTUs among 4 stainless steel straight-tube burners (that are rated at 12,000 BTUs each).  In addition, it comes with one (1) 12,000 BTU stainless steel side burner for added cooking flexibility.  And this tremendous power is matched with (2) thick, enameled cast iron cooking grates and (4) enameled heat tents that recycle and circulate vapors from food drippings (much like “flavorizer” bars) to impart more “grill” flavor to your foods.

Grill Lid:  as with the rest of the grill, the smooth-opening bronze-metal double walled lid feels very high-quality and is designed for heat retention; it’s also reinforced with cast aluminum endcaps to give an extra sturdy feel.  Further, it’s adorned with a front-mounted temperature gauge for added cooking convenience and precision.

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Control Panel:  the control panel is simple but easy to use, with a push start electronic ignition system and variable heat control dials for each burner.

Dyna-Glo Bronze - Individual Ignition ControlsCabinet Design:  the 2-door style cabinet is well-made and includes a liquid propane tank holder.

Other Features:  the Bronze also comes with very nice and sturdy side shelves for additional food preparation area, and the grill frame is seated on (4) rolling casters (two locking and two non-locking) for easy mobility.

Size & Dimensions:  despite having a large grilling area and tons of cooking power, this is not an overly-massive grill. It measures 52.76 inches long, 23.03 inches deep and 46.46 inches in height; and it weighs approximately 108 pounds.

Warranty: this model is covered by a 1 year limited manufacturer’s warranty

Dyna-Glo Bronze Reviews & Ratings

Dyna-Glo Bronze Reviews & RatingsThe Dyna-Glo Bronze is getting fantastic reviews, and currently holds and average satisfaction rating 4.4 out of 5 stars on amazon.com based on 25 reviews.  This is a great score for any grill, particularly one that is so budget friendly.  However, let’s take a deeper look to see what users are actually saying about this model.

Based on our reading of this model’s reviews, virtually all of the reviewers found the Bronze to be very sturdy, solidly-built, and easy to assemble.  The most common reported benefits of this model, however, was were its extreme value and ultra-powerful (4) burner system, which allows it to heat up very quickly and reach high temperatures.  They also appreciated the extra flexibility of the additional side burner.  Here are some actual comments that will illustrate what we mean:

  • heats up quickly, has solid cast-iron grates, is fairly easy to clean, and very predictable cooking zones.”
  • It is sturdy, performs very well, cooks great, and costs $300 less than the equivalent 4 burner Weber.”
  • Heats fast! and I mean really fast. It shoots up to 500F in 2 minutes if I turn on all 4 burners at full. And heats well all around.”
  •  “great value for the price!
  •  “best value among all 4 burner grills that I looked at.”
  • 1 person can manage assembly and take approximately 2 hours

The very few negative comments about this grill that we found were generally limited to isolated shipping/manufacturing defects rather than grill performance.  One reviewer gave the grill 1-star, but the comments made by this individual seemed exaggerated and unreliable in our opinion, particularly compared to the rest of the reviews.

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Dyna-Glo Bronze - Stainless Steel Burner TubesPrice and Value

The value provided by the Dyna-Glo Bronze is simply amazing.  In fact, for its current sale price of roughly $370, we simply cannot think of a more well-made, high-capacity, and powerful 4-burner grill available. Not surprisingly, users agree, and frequently mentioned in their reviews that this model was approximately half as much as a comparable Weber model.

Buy the Dyna-Glo Bronze Concluding Thoughts & Opinions

In our book, you really can’t go wrong with the Dyna-Glo Bronze.  This grill has outstanding grilling capacity; is extremely well built; very easy to assemble; and comes with 4-burners and a side burner for a whopping total 60,000 BTUs of heat.  In fact, with these kind of specs, the Bronze can outperform and certainly heat up much more quickly than models costing twice as much.  Moreover, we are impressed that this grill delivers this level of performance yet is so affordable.  Don’t get us wrong, we love Weber grills and think they are top-notch.  However, if you want similar big time grilling capacity and power, but can’t afford a Weber, this is an outstanding choice that we are confident you will not regret!

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