Dolphin Nautilus Review

Dolphin Nautilus ReviewPool robots offer easy maintenance without the mess of hoses and other contraptions associated with suction or pressure cleaners.  The only kicker is that they’re expensive!  We’ve got some good news – the Dolphin Nautilus is – relatively speaking – a bargain when it comes to very high-quality robots.  And we are fairly confident that after you’ve “employed” one for some time, you will agree that it’s easily worth every penny.  For more information and what the consensus of users have to say about this model, please keep reading.

Dolphin Nautilus Specifications

The Nautilus is a hugely popular new addition to the Dolphin line of pool cleaning robots.  This popularity has everything to do with its solid, sensible design.  This robot can reach all surfaces in an in-ground residential type swimming pool quite easily. And it goes about it’s work very quickly, with a total cycle time of 3 hours, after which an auto-shutoff kicks in.

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The Nautilus comes with powerful scrubbers that don’t just suck up dirt and debris, but also brushes it off surfaces, giving your pool a good polish. Clean up is also very easy.  In fact, this is one of the many highlights of this model. The handy filter cartridges are easy to remove and replace, which is vitally important because all robots need a clean filter to work at their best. Moreover, the filter also has a finer media that’s great for pulling out very tiny, suspended sediments and algae that many other units can’t

As far as coverage area, the Nautilus can easily handle in-ground pools up to 50 feet, and it does so by using a pre-programmed scan that makes for a very thorough approach, and without the typical, annoying hangups around drains and other obstacles.  Also a nice touch is the swivel mechanism used for the long 60-foot power cable, which avoids twisting that could interfere with cleaning motions.

We also like how inexpensive this robot is to run.  Estimated to cost you just 15 cents per cleaning, the Nautilus is the cheapest pool cleaner you will ever “hire”!  And it’s much easier to deal with than hired help – just let it go in your pool and get back to handling the more important things in life.

The Nautilus is just under 19 pounds, but despite it’s compact size and light weight, has a suction rated at 4,233 gallons per hour.  Each purchase is backed by a 1-year warranty.

Dolphin Nautilus Reviews

Dolphin Nautilus ReviewsFew robot cleaners receive the praise the Nautilus enjoys – currently it’s averaging an average approval rating of 4.4 out of 5.0 stars on based on 40 reviews.  This is no mistake.  This is an extensive track record of predominantly 5-star reviews.  So what’s everyone saying?

In a nutshell, users are overjoyed at how thoroughly this robot cleans; its great power and fine-debris filtration ability; how easily it handles irregular shaped pools and walls; and how quickly the cartridges can be cleaned.  Also evident from the reviews is the overall reliability and quality of this unit.  Indeed, the only consistent negative comment we found is that the Nautilus had a tendency to release a bit of its dirt-payload when picked up out of the pool.

Concluding Thoughts & Opinions

Dolphin is known for producing first rate pool cleaning robots, and is one of our favorite manufacturers.  However, the price of many of their more powerful models can understandably be prohibitive for many potential consumers.  That’s why we like the Nautilus so much – at a current sale price of under $700, this model does what many other “bots” can’t, while costing hundreds of dollars less.  Of course, there are many cheaper options than the Nautilus, but as far as quality for you dollar, this is one of the best valued products on the market right now in our view.

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