Dolphin Advantage Plus RC Review

Dolphin Advantage Plus RC ReviewIf you want a high quality pool robot that will get your in-ground pool truly clean – including along the walls and waterline where many other robots struggle, you are going to have to pay handsomely for it.  However, there are some models that, while not cheap by any means, bring all of the sophisticated features and cleaning power that we look for in a top-tier model.  A great example of such value is the Dolphin Advantage Plus RC.  For more details about this cleaner and what we and others think about it, please continue reading.

Dolphin Advantage Plus RC Specifications

The Advantage Plus RC is new and improved for 2013, and features truly top-of-the-line features for in-ground pools up to 50-feet long. This robot has powerful scrubbers and is designed clean all surfaces of the pool, including the floors, walls and coves.  It’s also one of the relatively few that cleans the waterline very well.

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Overall, this is a very well-built robot, with one of the strongest motors you’ll find in an automatic cleaner.  But power is not all it brings.  The Advantage Plus RC offers versatile navigation, including a 1 hour rapid-cleaning cycle for when time is short, in addition to a remote control function that lets you direct the robot to pinpoint locations to finish up any spots not already caught by the pre-programmed sweeps.

This particular model also includes other great features that you will continue to appreciate with time, including a swivel action power cord that won’t bunch or twist, and a caddy system for easy storage and portability.  The unit uses a reusable, heavy-duty mesh bag that is excellent for capturing coarse and very fine debris that is very effective at dealing with green or muddy water conditions.

In the unlikely event you need it, the Advantage Plus RC comes with a front-to-back 2-year warranty.

Dolphin Advantage Plus RC Reviews & Ratings

Dolphin Advantage Plus RC ReviewsAt the time of this writing, the Advantage Plus RC has a perfect user satisfaction rating of 5 out of 5 stars on, albeit there are currently only two reviews.  Both reviewers, who indicated that they’d used other types of cleaners in the past, praised this robot; one noted:

“…this one is worth the price….Cleans everything in our in ground pool“; and the second reviewer said:

after many years using manual and automatic pool cleaners, this is the best, it does all the work for me….I love it.”

The only thing mentioned that could be improved is the filter bag cleaning, which one reviewer indicated was a “bit of a hassle.”

Concluding Thoughts & Opinions

If you’ve never used a robot cleaner, and instead labored with the suction or pressure type cleaners, we are fairly certain that you will love the Advantage Plus RC for its thoroughness and ease of use. Even among the various robot lines, the Advantage Plus RC is a real step up in our view, especially if you want a cleaner that can hit the walls and waterline effectively.  There are many robots that will cover the floor well, and some will give you spotty performance on the walls, but not too many work this well – especially at this price.  As a result, consider whether saving a few hundred dollars is worth having to constantly “touch up” your robot’s incomplete work.

And while this robot, currently selling for around $1,000, is no doubt expensive, it is actually cheaper than many other models that deliver similar performance – and it’s still a heck of a lot cheaper than hiring a pool boy/girl!

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