DeLonghi DD50P Review

delonghi dd50pDeLonghi DD50P Specifications

The DeLonghi DD50P boasts a full set of features that are equal or better to other 50-pint model in it’s class. It has very good electronic climate controls; a 24-hour programmable timer; 2 fan settings; a full tank alarm; an anti-frost system, and a washable air filter. It’s also  Energy Star qualified and has a sharp LCD display.

Like most newer 50-pint models, it uses eco-friendly refrigerant and has rolling casters to help you roll it from one room to another.  It can operate in temperatures as low as 41 degrees Fahrenheit.

Some of the most interesting features of this model are its various drainage options.  Of course, you can simply let the unit fill the built in collection tank and change it out as necessary, but you also have two continuous drain options – you can either let the condensate gravity-drain passively, or take advantage of the unit’s built in pump mechanism and 16-foot hose to send condensate to any drain available, including your sump.


DeLonghi DD50P Reviews

The DD50P has an average of 3.9 out of 5 stars on based on 91 reviews to date. While this is not mind blowing, this is actually a very good score in the dehumidifier world, where expectations typically run very high.  Take a look at some representative comments make by actual reviewers:

  • DeLonghi DD50P Reviews“really moves the air around in my basement. The compressor is quiet when running.”
  • “Running the hose to a near by drain, it is literately a “set and forget” operation.”
  • “best thing since sliced bread….I love this dehumidifier. No more dumping the bucket.”
  • “I purchased this year and a half ago and this this is still trucking!!! This machine runs 24/7/365…just keeps going. I am very, very surprised to see any negative reviews.”

These were very typical comments among the reviews overall. Most of the negative reviews came from people who complained about noise, or the fact that the fan continued to run after the compressor disengaged (which is quite normal). Noise complaints in particular are very common for most models, since noise is such a subjective variable; however, the overwhelming majority of users found this unit relatively quiet.

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Price & Value

Delonghi  DD50P 50 Pt Dehumidifier

With an MSRP of $364, this is not what we’d consider an “inexpensive” option, but it’s usually available for a discount that makes it competitive with other comparable models. Nevertheless, given its better-then-average features and good track record, it’s worth a few extra bucks compared to many other 50-pint models out there. In particular, if you want a model that’s easy to run with modern controls and a variety of drain options, a slightly higher price should be expected. Regardless, you should compare for yourself how this model stacks up against other top-rated units by using our Dehumidifier Comparison Buying Guide.

DeLonghi DD50P Drain ConnectionConcluding Thoughts & Opinions

Although we’d definitely recommend buying it on sale whenever possible, we really like the DeLonghi DD50P for its great performance, above-average feature set and controls, and easy to use drainage pump and passive drain option. Moreover, in case you haven’t noticed, the DD50P is actually a lot smarter and more modern-looking than most other dehumidifiers, which may be an issue if you plan to use this model in a room where you entertain.  Overall – an easy 5-star option in the 50-pint class!

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