Danby Premiere DPAC12010H Review

Danby Premiere DPAC12010H ReviewAmong the 12,000 BTU portable air conditioners with heater functionality on the market right now, one model to consider for its particularly good value, performance and efficient dual-hose design is the Danby Premiere DPAC12010H 12,000 BTU portable air conditioner with heater. For more information on this cooling/heating unit, please keep reading.

Cooling Power

The Danby Premiere DPAC12010H packs a total of 12000 BTUs that will be sufficient to cool most users’ rooms up to 400-500 square feet. As we always say, however, this assumes fairly ideal conditions. For example, if you live on a southern exposure; are trying to cool a very sunny room; or have little or no insulation, you can expect this coverage area estimate to drop significantly.

Notably, this model also comes with a heater. And while you might not care too much about this feature in summer, you will be happy you have it come winter.


Hose Design

This model is equipped with a dual-hose system, which is preferred over single-hose setups for efficiency. This should be considered in conjunction with the unit’s EER score, which we discuss below.

Drain System

This air conditioner will produce condensate pretty much whenever it’s running. So, unlike many other models, you will need to pay attention to the drainage pan and manually drain this water as it accumulates. In drier regions, there will be relatively little water buildup. However, in very humid areas, the drainage receptacle can fill up quickly. For this reason, this unit is equipped with a Direct Drain connection, which allows the condensate to drain continuously.

Size & Portability

At 90 pounds and dimensions of 16.3 inches in depth, 32.7 inches in height and 19.7 inches in width, this is a very big and heavy “portable” AC unit. In fact, this is larger and heavier than most similarly-sized air conditioners. Of course, its rolling casters will help move it around once in place, but be careful not to hurt yourself moving this thing up/down a flight of stairs!

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Noise Level

The DPAC12010H reportedly produces just 52dB of operating noise – a very modest noise rating as far as portable air conditioners go. However, people vary tremendously in their expectations on this score, so if you happen to be a very sensitive person in terms of sounds and want the quietest portable air conditioner available, this may still feel “loud” to you.


Energy efficiency for air conditioners is reported in terms of “EERs” – Energy Efficiency Ratios. This is obtained simply by dividing BTUs by wattage. For this particular model, this results in an EER of 9.7. This is actually pretty respectable, since anything at or near 10.0 is pretty good (and higher numbers are better!). Consequently, this good EER and dual hose setup should result in fairly low operating costs over the life of this model relative to many other 12K BTU air conditioners.

Other Features

  • Digital controls
  • 54 pint/day dehumidifier
  • Programmable timer
  • Remote control
  • Window kit
  • Eco-friendly refrigerants
  • 3-speed fan
  • 2-year warranty

Danby Premiere DPAC12010H Reviews

Danby Premiere DPAC12010H ReviewIt’s really tough to please people when it comes to portable air conditioners, especially when people use them in all sorts of different conditions, often underestimating how much power they actually need to cool their particular space. Nevertheless, the Danby Premiere DPAC12010H has earned a very solid 3.9 out of 5 stars on amazon.com.  Take a look at a few representative comments made by these actual purchasers:

  • “Works better than expected and keeps 12×15 room very comfortable.”
  • “This unit is powerful and cools my room quickly.”
  • “this is a fairly large unit and weighs almost 100 pounds.”
  • “I couldn’t be happier with the efficiency and the quality of this product.”

Such praise was typical among the vast majority of the reviews. As is typical, however, several reviewers indicated that the unit did not cool sufficiently and/or had problems installing the vent kit. These are fairly normal grievances in our experience. Also, some people dinged the unit for producing significant condensate, but this is normal for any unit that does not auto-evaporate.

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Price & Value

For a 12,000 BTU portable dual-hose unit with a heating function, the DPAC12010H’s current price of $480 is actually quite good. Of course, if you want to compare its power/price with other models with our Comparison Guide, you will see that there are more affordable cooling-only units out there. However, with its heating function, dual hose setup and its relatively good EER, this model will probably result in greater savings over the life of the unit, which is more important than just saving a few dollars on the purchase price of a less efficient, single-hose model.

Pros & Cons


  • Dual hose system
  • Comes with a heater
  • Good EER
  • Good overall value
  • Great features and digital controls
  • Solid user reviews


  • A tad pricey for 12000 BTUs if you don’t need the heater
  • needs manual condensate draining
  • heavy, even compared to other 12K BTU models

Danby Premiere DPAC12010H Concluding Thoughts & Opinions

All in all, we think the Danby Premiere DPAC12010H performs well and cools fairly efficiently. In other words, it should definitely get the job done for larger rooms up to 500 square feet, and do so cost-effectively to boot. Moreover, we like that this unit comes with a heater – and a good track record of mainly 4 and 5-star user reviews, which means that it should prove a reliable choice as well.

But there are things that should be considered by anyone thinking of a purchase. For example, this is a very large and heavy air conditioner, so if space is limited where you’re at, then this could be an issue. Likewise, if you don’t like the thought of manually draining condensate – and you don’t have any nearby drain to connect the direct drain function – you might get tired of checking the drain pan on this model.

Besides these potential issues, however, the DPAC12010H comes with good controls, lots of cooling/heating power and shouldn’t give you much trouble – that is once you manage to muscle this beast into the room where it’s needed!

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