Danby Premiere DDR45E Review

Danby Premiere DDR45EDanby Premiere DDR45E Specifications

The Danby DDR45E has a 45 pint/day capacity and comes with basic yet good features for an economy-minded dehumidifier, including solid electronic controls with a modern digital keypad; an easy-to-remove drain tank; automatic restart; an effective continuous drain option; a nice LED display console, and automatic restart in the case of power interruption.

If utility bills concern you, you’ll be happy to know that it’s also quiet efficient as well, as evidenced by its Energy Star qualification.


Danby Premiere DDR45E Reviews & Ratings

The DDR45E is a relative newcomer to the market, but so far has already earned an impressive 4.2 out of 5 stars based on 6 reviews on amazon.com. Here are some comments from the actual reviews that typify the reviewers’ sentiment towards this model:

  • “Just bought it and it operates fine but the fan is much louder than the 70 pint Frigidaire it is replacing.”
  • “works great. this is my second Danby dehumidifier. I placed this one on the other side of the house and now have 45% to 50% humidity throughout the house. this smaller one is a bit noisy but can live with it.”
  • “Very happy with the Danby brand and does all it says it will.
  • We have it in our basement and does a great job.”
  • “The Danby Premiere DDR45E dehumidifier reduced the humidity in my basement from around 70% down to 50% within a few short hours of installation, and has kept the humidity steadily between 48% – 55% ever since.”
  • “I rated it 4 of 5 because it is a little loud when the fan is on high.”

As these comments nicely demonstrate, most people found this model very effective at removing humidity and were generally happy with it; however, they noted that it appeared to generate a bit more fan noise than other options. In our experience, noise complaints tend to really lower a model’s overall satisfaction score, but in this case, reviewers seemed to find the sound levels tolerable, and/or forgave this shortcoming given the unit’s very affordable pricing.

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Price & Value

Affordability is a big reason why the DDR45E has received such high marks from consumers. With an MSRP of $190 – and a sales price that is usually much less – this is one of the most affordable 45-pint options out there. Add to this very good modern features and high user satisfaction ratings, and you have a unit that possesses tremendous value compared to the field. This is exactly the type of market that Danby tries to occupy – and with this model they’ve certainly succeeded!  But don’t take our word for it – confirm it’s value for yourself with our Dehumidifier Comparison Buying Guide!

Concluding Thoughts & Opinions

While there are definitely more feature-rich and advanced options in the 40-50 pint class, there are few manufacturers that can consistently deliver such high-quality and ultra-affordable air quality/comfort appliances like Danby, and the Danby Premier DDR45E is no exception. In fact, if you can get over its greater fan noise compared to some of the other highly-rated models, there really is no big sacrifices with the DDR45E. As a result, we give this model 5-stars for its great array of features, outstanding user reviews, and unusual affordability.

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