Danby Premiere DDR30A1GP Review

Danby Premiere DDR30A1GP Danby Premiere DDR30A1GP Specifications

The Danby Premiere DDR30A1GP is a 30-pint dehumidifier that we’d consider an economy-oriented model that does not cut corners on key features or performance. This model is Energy Star qualified for great efficiency; it uses eco-friendly refrigerants; comes with great electronic controls and a modern digital keypad interface; and has good low temperature operation.

It also features automatic restart in the event of power failures/outages; a surprisingly crisp LED display; and has a very convenient direct drainage option that allows the condensate to run to the drain of your choice so the unit can be set to run continuously without the need for bucket draining. But if you do decide to drain manually, the good news is that the tank is easy to access and refill; and if you forget to drain it, it will shutoff automatically when the tank is full.

Finally, it can recall your settings after you shut it off, so the next day when you turn it back on it can get right back to work without further adjustment with a push of a button.


Danby Premiere DDR30A1GP Reviews & Ratings

As of the date of this writing, the DDR30A1GP has received an average satisfaction rating of 4.0 out of 5 stars based on 10 reviews on amazon.com. This is a great score for any dehumidifier in our view, especially given the typically high expectations of most consumers and the often continuous operation these appliances are subjected to.

But what are these customers actually saying about this model? The following are excerpts from these actual reviews that give you an idea of the tone of the reviewers:

  • Danby Premiere DDR30A1GP Reviews“….the Danby machine is not only much quieter and efficiently removes moisture, it also has an automatic fan cut-off when the tank gets full, which saves electricity. It is also sleek-looking and has a small footprint. Excellent value for money overall.”
  • “My main complaint is that the darn thing puts off some heat”
  • “The fan noise is noticeable but not obnoxious. I could run it while I seep without being woken up, only a few feet away.”
  • “As for the reviewers stating that the unit puts out a lot of heat, I don’t know why or where that would come from. My unit does not seem to generate any more heat than a single incandescent bulb would.”

As these comments demonstrate, the prevailing attitude was that the DDR30A1GP was effective, efficient, not tool loud, compact and provided outstanding value, although a couple reviewers complained about fan noise and that it put out significant heat – two rather common and highly-subjective complaints that virtually any model is susceptible to in our experience.

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Price & Value

Perhaps the most popular characteristic of this model is it’s very affordable pricing. Retailing for approximately $170, and usually available for a discounted price much less than that, this is a particularly inexpensive option for most consumers looking for a smaller, yet very capable dehumidifier that is not only affordable to buy, but also to run thanks to its great energy efficiency. As usual, however, we encourage you to compare this model’s specs, ratings and current pricing with other 25-30 pint options with our Dehumidifier Comparison Buying Guide.

Concluding Thoughts & Opinions

As you can probably tell, we like the Danby Premiere DDR30A1GP – not for doing anything new or revolutionary, but for delivering key features and great performance at a price that most consumers can afford. Indeed, there is nothing noticeably absent form either it’s design or operation that would make one think of it as a “budget” option. And while it may not have quite the same styling or controls of a DeLonghi, for example, it also lacks the typically higher price tag as well. An all around 5-star choice for performance and value in our book!

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