Blendtec TB-631-25 Review

Blendtec TB-631-25 ReviewBlendtec is the brand of choice among food professionals and discriminating homeowners alike, and the Blendtec TB-631-25 Total Blender is no exception.  In fact, this 5-star addition to Bledtec’s product line comes with the most power and capacity available. Further, the level of digital control that it brings is something that truly sets it apart from rival Vitamix models. For much more information about this workhorse blender and what we and others think about it, please keep reading.

Blendtec TB-631-25 Specifications

The Blendtec TB-631-25 Total Blender Classic WildSide in a classic red finish is the very top of the line in terms of power, features and versatility. With it’s 1,560 watt motor that can generate a staggering 3 horsepower, this thing can power most small treadmills, and is easily the most powerful series of residential blenders you can buy. In addition, with its direct drive and smooth ball bearing system, this powerplant can turn the unit’s long 4-inch stainless steel blades at a reported 320 miles per hour!  As a result, you can bet it will make short work of any tough, hard, frozen or fibrous foods you care to work on.

In addition to industry leading power and blending speed, the Total Blender is also adorned with sophisticated controls, calculated to achieve perfect and consistent results, time after time. Specifically, with it’s Smart-Touch technology, once any of the 6 pre-programmed modes are selected, this blender will speed up and slow down automatically to ensure you get the same perfect blend, no matter how many times or what mixing load is put on the machine.  This level of automation, in addition to greater power, is a big distinction between the Blendtec versus the Vitamix in our view.

Finally, the TB-631-25 Total Blender Classic comes with a massive and virtually indestructible BPA free Tritan square mixing jar that can hold roughly 90 fluid ounces. With this kind of capacity, you can treat yourself – and all of your friends/family – to store-quality smoothies and whatever else you care to make.

Each Blendtec TB-631-25 Total Blender Classic WildSide comes with an industry-leading 7-year limited warranty.

Blendtec TB-631-25 ReviewsBlendtec TB-631-25 Reviews

So far, the reviews for the TB-631-25 Total Blender are 5-star. Among the reviews, users specifically appreciate this blender’s electronic controls, which facilitate repeatable results.  In fact, one user indicated that this was one of the reasons this model was preferable over the Vitamix series.  This user  also commented that compared to the Vitamix, the square jar design of the Blendtec was not only bigger, but better for sucking foodstuffs downward, therefore minimizing the need for the food plunger.  Another user bought the Blentec specifically to make smoothies and found that it could make them out of virtually anything edible, including whole oranges, cored apples, berries, spinach, nuts and various other foods.  

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Price and Value

Blendtec TB-631-25 Total Blender Classic WildSide

Although this blender lists for $659, it can usually be found for a fairly steep discount, and is currently selling for around $450. Considering that Blentec and Vitamix are the clear industry leaders in high-performance blenders, this is a fairly typical price and well worth it, particularly when you consider how powerful and versatile this blender is.

Concluding Thoughts & Opinions

Whether you want to make the “smoothest” smoothies of your life, or make fantastic bread dough, soups, juice, margaritas or countless other things, you just can’t go wrong with the extreme power, sophistication, capacity and durability of the Blendtec TB-631-25 Total Blender WildSide.  And while it is certainly not inexpensive, you can be sure that you will get your moneys’ worth out of this unit, especially when you consider the many years of daily service it can provide.  In short, if you can afford it, we are confident you will not regret purchasing this blender.

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