Blendtec Designer Series WildSide Review

Blendtec Designer Series WildSide ReviewMany people want a high-powered, commercial-grade blender but have a hard time choosing among them.  Well, if you are looking for one compact enough to store in a typical cabinet and that comes with probably the most sophisticated touch-interface ever, then the Blendtec Designer Series WildSide Review is an easy choice.  For more details about this relatively new model and what the consensus of users think about it, please keep reading.

Blendtec  Designer Series WildSide Specifications

The Blendtec Designer Series WildSide is reputed to be the most “intuitive” blender in the world. Well, if it isn’t, were not sure what other blender could be.  Indeed, the Designer Series captures all of the features we love in Blendtecs and puts them in a compact, low-profile design and in a “smart” unit that is clearly the among the most sophisticated models Blendtec has come out with yet.

At the heart of this blender lies the same commercial-grade 1,560 watt, 3 HP motor and direct drive system that has put Blentec on the map. This power lets you not only handle standard fare, like smoothies and dough mixes, but also provides the power needed for many other jobs, such as grinding meat, juicing whole fruit and processing coffee beans and grains.

This model also uses the same BPA-free Triton construction for the jar, which makes it nearly bullet proof as well as easy to clean.  However, this blender is overall much more “squat”, with dimensions of 7 inches wide, 15 inches high and 9.25 inches deep. The intent was to make this blender tuck easily under most cabinets – they’ve succeeded.

Blendtec Designer Series WildSide Review Preset ModesAlso apparent on the Designer Series WildSide is it’s remarkably modern and sleek user “touch-slider” interface and control icons.  With just a drag of the finger, you can adjust or skip to the desired speed as if you were navigating on a touch-screen smart phone. Further, with icons for pre-programmed blending/mixing, which include settings for ice cream, whole juice, ice-crushing, batters and smoothies, you will enjoy consistent repeatable results time after time as the blender adjusts speed and power automatically.

Blendtec Designer Series WildSide Touch Slide InterfaceYet another great feature of this model is that its touch panel and interface allows for extremely easy clean up. There are no protruding buttons, knobs or other gadgets around which moisture or other foods/liquid can infiltrate the unit.  The result is that you can simply wipe off the base when you’re done and leave the blender looking as good as new.

As usual, the Designer Series is backed by a 7-year warranty, in the event you ever need to use it that is!

Blendtec Designer Series WildSide Reviews

Blendtec Designer Series WildSide ReviewsThis model currently holds a 4.6 average user satisfaction rating on based on 47 reviews. Nearly all of these are 5-star, with a handful of 4-stars and some stray lower scores. So what are people saying exactly?

As you can guess nearly all of the reviews simply glow about this blender’s power and ability to reduce virtually anything to dust.  However, users specifically commented on how much they liked the fact that this shorter model can fit in ordinary cupboards.  Further, many users compared this to the Vitamix series and stated that they appreciated the Blendtec’s pre-settings, which took all of the guesswork out of making mixes, smoothies, etc. correctly each time. They also consistently praised the slick touchscreen and fast and easy cleanup that it allows.

Perhaps the only significant and recurring complaint was the noise produced by this blender.  Virtually all of the users who did mention if found it tolerable, but it some users detracted a star for this. We don’t find this surprising, especially given the extreme power generated by the unit’s huge motor.

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Price and Value

Some users did mention the stiff price this blender commands. At a list price of $659 and a current sale price of roughly $450, this obviously is not a “bargain” appliance from any perspective.  But, we believe and most users agree that this is a very fair and reasonable price to pay for a blender that can perform at such a high level and handle so many tasks. Indeed, if you intend to use this blender each day you will no doubt appreciate the Designer Series’ reliability and easy clean up. And when you calculate how many “bargain” blenders you would likely burn through over the years otherwise, we are fairly certain you will save money by spending more up front and getting the Blendtec.

Buy the Blendtec Designer Series WildSide Concluding Thoughts & Opinions

After spending a bit of time researching the various high-grade models, they tend to start looking all the same.  However, the Blendtec Designer Series Wild Side definitely stands apart from its peers with its low-profile design and ultra-modern, easy to clean touch-slide interface.  And if you don’t mind hearing a bit of “noise” when using this extremely high-powered blender, then you will be rewarded with the silkiest green smoothies, lump-free mixes, and tastiest soups you can imagine.  In sum, this is an outstanding, forward-thinking blender that is easily worth the price.

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