Smallest Portable Air Conditioner

An unseen burden is no less heavy.UPDATED 7/17/2014: Besides their relatively higher price, perhaps the most frequent complaint we hear about portable air conditioners is that they are just too big and heavy! In fact, most first-time portable air conditioner purchasers are shocked at just how big these things typically are.  Unlike a window unit, a portable air conditioner must house the compressor unit, evaporator and condenser coils and everything else within a mobile-friendly casing.  Moreover, unlike window units, a portable model must incorporate a venting apparatus and a catch basin for condensate. It’s really a lot to cram into any home appliance. And finding a place to run a large portable unit is not the only consideration – what about during the winter when you don’t need it anymore? Trying to find a suitable location to store a typical portable model is quite the challenge – trust us!

Fortunately, for those people with limited floorspace (particularly around windows that will be used for venting) and/or those who simply dislike the idea of lugging around or storing an 80+-pound monster, there are some newer, much lighter and compact portable air conditioners that are not too demanding of your real estate, and are light enough that they can be picked up from time to time without causing you to throw a disk.

In our opinion, here are three of the best smallest portable air conditioners on the market in their respective BTU classes:


1) Smallest 12000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner

Smallest Portable Air ConditionerCapable of cooling an area of up to 425 square feet comfortably, The NewAir AC12000E 12,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner really pushes the envelope of power and performance in an exceptionally small and lightweight unit. Measuring just 14.50″ long by 15.50″ wide and 29.25″ tall, it’s the most compact, highly-rated and high-powered portable unit we’ve seen. It’s also unusually light for a 12000 BTU model, weighing in at just 56 pounds!  This easily makes the NewAir AC12000E our pick for the most powerful & smallest portable air conditioner you can buy.

But that’s not all, this is an excellent model that has a very high Energy Efficiency Ratio of 10.2,  and numerous other features that make it a top-selling choice beyond its exceptionally modest size and weight. Also, there is a heat pump version of this model you should consider – the NewAir AC12000H, which costs nearly the same as the AC12000E and is only 57 pounds – truly hard to beat!

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2) Smallest 10000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner

NewAir AC-10100E: Smallest 10000 BTU Portable Air ConditionerIn the 10,000 BTU category, the NewAir AC-10100E edges out last year’s favorite, the EdgeStar AP10002BL, as our pick for the smallest & best portable air conditioner currently available.

Moreover, the NewAir AC-10100E does so in convincing fashion. In fact, with dimensions of 12.13 inches in length, 15.1 inches in depth, 29.75 inches in height, and a total weight of just 48.4 pounds, this model is even smaller than our 8,000 BTU pick below.

It’s no wonder why NewAir considers this to be their most compact portable air conditioner of their entire product line!

But besides taking the overall prize as the “smallest portable AC”, this is simply an outstanding portable air conditioner for any size group. Among other things, this model (rated to cover an area up to 325 square feet) has a phenomenal Energy Efficiency Ratio (aka “EER”) of 11.0. To give you some perspective, we are usually happy to find models that score a 10.0, so this is a truly stellar efficiency score that promises very low operating costs.

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3) Smallest 8000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner

Smallest Portable Air ConditionerWith dimensions of 11.8″ by13.6″ by 31″, the SoleusAir KY-80E 8,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner is remarkably slender, making it able to occupy very little floor space and fit in between things or in tight spaces more easily than the two models described above. However, it still weighs 52 pounds, making it a bit heavier than the NewAir AC-10100E, while providing less coverage area as well.  Specifically, with it’s 8000 BTUs, a conservative maximum coverage area would be around 250 square feet.

In addition to it’s particularly slim build, however, it is also a relatively quiet portable air conditioner and has gained a good track record of 4-5 star user satisfaction ratings.

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