Aquabot Pura 4x Review

Aquabot Pura 4x ReviewIf you’re looking for an inexpensive but effective pool cleaning robot that can get the job done for both in-ground and above ground pools, and doesn’t require messing with hoses, booster pumps or the like, then the AquaBot Pura 4X AJET123 Robotic Swimming Pool Cleaner is one of the best cleaners around.  For a lot more information about this new and improved robot and what we and others think about it, please read on.

Aquabot Pura 4x Specifications

The Pura 4x is a super-sleek pool robot built to handle both above-ground and smaller in-ground pools of various shapes.  It makes no difference to this bot whether you have rectangular, oval, kidney, round, or lap-type pool.  Nor is the surface material important, as the Pura 4x will perform in pools made/lined with concrete, fiberglass, gunite or vinyl. This robot works by covering pool floor bottoms (it does not climb walls) and coves with a minimum radius of 6-inches.

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The Pura 4x uses a “Never Stuck” navigation designed to avoid typical hangups around obstacles like pool ladders, drains, and other objects.  It comes with a newer, stronger motor compared to previous versions that Aquabot reports gives this model improved suction.  Debris that is pulled up is sent through a top-loading, fine-mesh filter bag that can retain sediments, debris and other materials down to 2 micros.  This makes that Pura 4x great at handling cloudy water due to green algae, fine dirt, sediment and other small particles, like pollen.  Cleaning is also enhanced with the unit’s water-mixing outlet, which can circulate roughly 80 gallons per minute.

Operation is very simple – simply connect the robot’s 40-foot power cord to a standard 120V outlet and release it into the pool.

The Pura 4x is covered with a 2-year warranty, which is better than the 1-year warranty we typically see in inexpensive robotic pool cleaners.

Aquabot Pura 4x ReviewsAquabot Pura 4x Reviews & Ratings

At the time of this writing, the Pura 4x has earned an average approval rating of 4.4 out of 5.0 stars on  Users were very pleased with this robot’s performance and particularly it’s ease of use.  They also commented on how well this cleaner worked for the price.  The only complaints were from a user who indicated that it took several passes to clean the pool, and appeared disappointed that the Pura 4x did not climb walls.  [Note: for a robot that cleans in-ground pool walls very well, see the Dolphin Nautilus or TigerShark QC] Nevertheless, even this user admitted to being “happy” with Pura 4x overall, particular given it’s modest price.

Concluding Thoughts & Opinions

At a time when there are many very high-priced robotic cleaners on the market, we appreciate the Aquabot product line for providing cost-effective and easy to use robots that can clean in-ground and above-ground pools with minimal fuss – which is exactly what the Pura 4x is designed to do.  This robot, with it’s improved suction power, low-profile design, and fool-proof simplicity is a very easy and affordable option for the typical pool owner that rather be doing something – anything – else rather than cleaning out the bottom of their pool!

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